How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Pembroke Meadows Lockport NY Child Sexual Assault - Lockport NY USA.

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The event happened when I was about 3 years old or so at a local Niagara County New York USA farm and nature park, called Pembroke Meadows.

Pembroke Meadows Lockport NY USA

I was sent on my way by my parents, and my mother took me to a local Church, and we rode in a yellow school bus to the location near Lockport NY.

This was likely in the fall of the year and it was cold, damp, cloudy and about 40F to 50F degrees so we wore light jackets for the event.

We arrived on the bus and the group exited the bus and I with them, soon I was told I was doing something different and two men approached me. They indicated I was supposed to come with them and this had been arranged. In other words some kind of agreement was made for me to be with them. I was pandered to them in other words by my parents and it was even discussed that money was exchanged.

I resisted since I was not sure this was the right thing to do, my mother explained some of that to me but I did not understand her in total. She is involved in the payment and planning for it.

The men did not relent and then became physical and grabbed me and took me to a remote location on the farm and became violent and sexually abusive. Saying they paid for this so I have to comply with them since they wanted their money's worth, as if that meant something to me.

When they were done I was told to get dressed and then they said there were going to dump my body someplace and I said that this was not going to happen, their reply was "What are you going to do about it?" and with that they grabbed me and then hurled me over a fence into a portion of the farm that was fenced in and had animals in it.

I ended up bouncing into the field and was essentially knocked out and laid there semi-conscious and unable to move. I recall soon after hitting the ground I was surrounded by white goats who stood around me and began making noise and were now licking my face with their tongues.

Some people were calling likely for me, they did not know my name since I did not have one yet. They saw the goats and yelled "Hey there is a kid over there on the ground in the animal pen." and they came and got me.

Odd problem on that one, given I just started putting this together in total circa 2019 or begin of 2019 is? Circa 2014 I was doing Greyhound bus travel out of Sydney Australia and was sitting in the lounge area of their location on Eddy Avenue in Sydney NSW Australia. I began reading some travel brochures and flipped to a page that had a photo taken by someone who was laying on their back in a grassy field and a white goat was staring down on them into the camera.

I had a strange feeling that I have been in that situation before, as in something is wrong.

Someone must have seen me doing this, and then contacted another person knowing the history I was yet to recall. Within an hour or so a person, male, in his late 30's, slender, dark hair, approached me with his luggage and made some off color dialog related to his things. As in why did I bring all this with me, something about a "Ghosted Image", something at work he mentioned about a hard disk and running water and sand on it, and other such nonsense.

This was some kind of vanity play and PsychoBabble he made in order to attempt to "Brainwash" me related to the history.

These people and this person are guilty.

So the sand and the water relate to the drowning in Canada and likely to this location which is NOT where this was done to me:

820 Cathedral Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23455, USA

The location in Lockport NY USA where I was harmed is shown here:


The Registered Agent on file for this company is Pembroke Meadows, Inc. and is located at 4080 Johnson Rd, Lockport, NY 14094. The company's mailing address is 4080 Johnson Rd, Lockport, NY 14094.

File Number: 1012468
Filing State: New York (NY)
Filing Status: Inactive - Dissolution (Jan 14, 1994)
Filing Date: July 17, 1985
Company Age: 33 Years, 7 Months
+1 (716) 433-5010

So the company was formed June 1960 making it 33 years and 7 months old in begin of 1994.

Google Maps for the location:!4d-78.7321659!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

An obituary for the owner of the location I located online:


[Obituary of Kenneth Pembroke

Kenneth J. Pembroke Pembroke, Kenneth J., formerly of Lockport, NY, passed away on Saturday November 1, 2008 in Pittsburgh, PA. Born on August 17, 1920 in Walworth, NY, he was the son of John and Magdelina Smith Pembroke. He and his wife, Alice Theresa Langton Pembroke, were married on November 6, 1943. Mr. Pembroke was a general contractor and a restaurateur, owning Pembroke Builders and Pembroke Meadows Restaurant. The restaurant opened in 1975 and was closed in 1992. He was a lifetime member of the Lockport Lions Club and Lions International. The Pembrokes moved from Lockport to Pittsburgh, PA in 2005 to be with family. He is survived by his loving wife of 65 years, Alice Theresa Langton Pembroke, three daughters, Eileen P. (Stan Pankratz) Marie of MN, Lynn Pembroke (Clark) Huenemoerder of TX and Krista J. Pembroke of Utica, NY, six grandchildren, Victoria P. Clark, Brent P. Martisko, Leah M. Martisko, Livia F. Langton, Evan K. Barnes and Thaler V. Barnes and four great grandchildren, Nicholas Jacob Martisko, Hannah Marie Martisko, Zachary Ray Martisko and Tyler Luke Martisko. Friends and relatives may call on Wednesday 4-8 PM at Lange Funeral Home, Inc. 186 East Avenue, where funeral services will be held on Thursday at 11:00 AM. Interment in Hartland Central Cemetery. Memorials may be made to Family Hospice & Palliative Care, 50 Moffett St., Pittsburgh, PA 15243.

You may post a message of sympathy at


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dear Lynn and Clark, So sorry, my prayers and thoughts are with you. This is what I hate the most about us getting older. God Bless you, Jane McKernan The Lions of District 20-N send their sincere prayers and thoughts to Lion Ken's family at this sad time. It is both with great honour and sincere sympathy for Mr.Kenneth J.Pembroke and to his fine family,I write this brief words of expression.May God greatly encourage and strengthen the Pembroke Family at a time such as this. To the Pembroke Family,I must tell you about this wonderful kind act about Mr.Kenneth.My family and I moved here to Lockport in 1991.At the time we did'nt have a place to live.I did'nt say this to Mr.Kenneth at the time we met for him to show me one of the Apartments for rental.After speaking with Mr.Kenneth just once by phone we met and Mr.Kenneth gave the apartment to me and my family although my job had not started.I had no money and Mr.Kenneth gave me the keys the same day.Mr.Kenneth was my first Landlord.Pembroke family my family and I will always be indebted to you and Mr.Kenneth for his kind act.Thank You for sharing this kind friendly caring Giant of a man with us and the rest of the world.May God Bless You All From the Thomas family. Dear mrs.pembroke i am so sorry to hear about your loss.i am very sad thinking about you being alone.i have not heard anything about any of your family in a long time. the last i heard was from thaler when he came to see me in wilmington it warmed my heart to hear from him. my family is well . my charla is still in syracuse she has 2 children nand my krista is living in wilmington near us with her husband and 2 children. livi hear your doing well how about your mom tell her i miss her.tell lynn and clark and eileen and stan isaid hello .i dont have a computer so i will give you my phone number please call me its 910 612 7220 i also lost my mother this year ill explain when someone calls me love and miss you all its been like being cut off from my family love you laurie ;]

Here is the location in Sydney NSW (Haymarket) or the Central Terminal in Sydney where the Greyhound stalking event happened to me circa 2014:!7i8704!8i4352

These people are pandering on the child harms done to me.

This does not work.

I challenged the person who approached me and he confessed and acted strange.

Pembroke Meadows Lockport NY USA