How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Pascals Wager

Pascal's Wager is wrong, there is a cost for belief.

Church causes harm to people.

You participate in and enable them to do that.


This is the problem with being passive about the problem.

You validate it for others by being there as well.

Going and knowing is one thing.

Leaving and knowing why is another.

Or accepting from others why it does not work.

Their dogma is wrong, the ethic is wrong, the philosophy is wrong...

It harms you.

No point calling a victim stupid for starters.

These people manipulate.

And they are good at it.

And you are a victim of faith if you attend Church etc as these people would have you do.

They ask and shame you to accept and believe foolishness.

Done incrementally and more they know about you the more they use that to effect you.

For all of these people and any of you, you need to accept that you can be accountable to all manner of things you can not prove or witness easily.

Most people don't know how and why a light bulb works.

Electricity, basic home wiring may as well be another God for you.

You either learn about it or accept the "discipline" from others.

Consequences? Death.

So that is one example medicine is another.

And they need not join at the bottom with an offer you murder innocents to pay for your sins.

This is the begin of the problem.

Church does not have the solution and never will.