How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.


Tom Kraft and Suzanne Block and Sherry Mahar (Related to Faery the former Niagara County Sheriff) at Pendleton Center United Methodist Church near our home at 6178 Campbell Blvd Lockport NY 14094 also conspired in these attacks. Sherry Mahar admitted they knew of the murder plans, so did Tom Kraft, telling me as much, and that I had to leave. That same year, 2003, Tom Kraft and his wife Jackie were both gifted two $65,000.00 Cadillac cars by General Motors who also conspired in this.

It is nice to have working cars but in this case for $130,000.00 I can set you up in SIX NEW 4 wheel drive pickup trucks and I'd take that any day over two excessive cars.

General Motors (Harrison Radiator/Delphi Thermal Systems Lockport NY) is my father's employer, and that of Wilson NY Justice William Ganshaw.

Pendleton Center United Methodist Church:
6864 Campbell Blvd
North Tonawanda, NY 14120
P: 716-625-8306

Pastor Tom Kraft's wife Jackie preaches here:
850 Dodge Road
Amherst, NY 14228

Pastor Tom Kraft made specific mention to harms of the past to me and harms to be made in the future to me, telling me he knew what was going to go on. I at the time did not realize he was talking about me and I asked Heike who sat next to me in the pew what he meant. She lied to me and claimed she did not know.

You harm me as a child, try to hit me with cars, harm me with medicine, tell me it is good for me and I need it, I do not, you steal from me, tell lies to me and about me to others, you cut me with knives, mutilate my genitals, marry me to women who want to harm me, who will attempt to take my life and then you pay them with my retirement monies.

100% right on the money. Kraft was talking about me. Kraft later asked me to leave saying he can't keep doing this. So the church denies its faith and admits its guilt as Mahar does later again.

Sherry Mahar of Pendleton Center United Methodist Church is related to this former Niagara County Sheriff deputy Faery and they conspired in the violent hate crimes in 1981. She was also a lay leader at PCUMC.

They did NOTHING to help me. They in fact conspired to harm me and take my life and likely this is done to protect Faery and others including my father.

Sherry Mahar said to me, Heike and I attended Pendleton Center United Methodist Church near our home all the time until 2003, after Heike tried to kill me:

They will try to murder you and we won't let that happen.

Don't go back to Heike not ever.

Don't go to your parents, not even over the holidays, it will be hard but you can do it.

You need to leave and go far from here and not come back.

So they conspired and Tom Kraft spoke of this harm to come and of the past.

So this was her way of making it seem like THEY were NOT responsible for this violent harm to me and of course they are. This is too late to be telling me this now that the harm is done. They should have told me this before I walked in the door in 1998.

Keep in mind I was dead, these are and were murders. Now I see of more than just me.


The state is at fault and pay Caesar what is his, and if you live by the sword then you must get cut by it as well. Church is one thing, State is another. That is also the law. The Church and The State want to each have it both ways. They trade places as hawks looking like doves acting like hawks looking like chickens.

And they already had it both ways, six ways to Sunday is the term I've heard used, that is right.

They tried to bless it legally and morally using the Church and did so in a way to indicate they did it and knew about it and it was not legal. Then they invented merit after the fact and justified it. Billy Jack is the song I guess, Cheat a friend and justify it in the end...... does that sound right?

And like much of this and for all such people, they said too much and too little.

Saying nothing would have been better and they later suggested this was to help me, it was done to me and not for me.

Tom Kraft spoke to it knowing it would be done. At our Church:

This former Niagara County Sheriff William Faery was involved and this had to be why he left the area. Mahars were leaders in our church.

I appreciate your faith but I was there and then this was done to me. Don't allow religions to be used to let them get away with violent crimes.

And offering I am a man now is a clever way of making cowards (Pedophiles) look good for what they did long ago. I use it since it matters, they did this to kids. I was one. This is why it is here. Gender prejudice also is being used to suggest we like to harm little boys and they are worth less than our little girls.

I won't feel bad about using my past against them, all of it.

Have them get in front of YOUR congregation and tell YOUR kids what they did to me, me to start with ....

The church did this too.

Pastor Suzanne Block formerly of PCUMC:

Olean CUMC
633 Linwood Ave
Olean NY, 14760