How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Overcoming Faith

Right, I can go into a whole dialog about how medicine is being used as part of a process of sadism and masochism in lieu of justice and the medical community is allowing and participating in this intentional harm of people in order to placate victims of crime such as me.

This ends up being a guilt offering to the victim where their attacker(s) harm themselves with medicine in the hope to placate the victim. It is insane, and these physicians cater to this collective foolishness and ignorance that becomes just that, a cabal of medical criminals and faux religion in order to make all that happen.

And the legal system, clergy, and police and judges are a necessary part of that and conspire in it. They should be tried and convicted for this since the harm to me is ongoing to this day and this is murder. And treason. These people as Dr. Mandel tell you will suffer a lifetime of harm and damage that will never be made whole or right and it is likely/possible they will die to suppress their witness or from the harm caused to them.

If you can not and will not see and act on knife wounds, harm of infants, child molestation with graphic evidence of same, then you for sure won't get a diagnosis of depression right either or be able to spot a brain tumor and bipolar disorder by looking at the patient's sister's head.

And for me religion is a large part of this problem and what was done to me is akin to faith healing in reverse since it was necessary to restore my and your vision and logical and by that legal place for your savior since you tossed that hope away with the infant murder. This would negate your legal/moral loopholes that Jesuit teaching had for us and you thought better to patch that up around the edges and sneak it back in via the back door.