How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Nothing Runs Like A Deere - Intentional Deer/Car Hits.

It is occurring to me now once I relate some or all of these events as being crimes against my person the following sets of problems I thought would have been impossible, unlikely or not plausible that I am having a hard time accepting but have to admit likely were done intentionally.

Deer/car hits.

This works backwards in time since I caught them doing this intentionally on one occasion after the spouse attempted to murder me in 2003.

Now I have to say that the prior events also were done intentionally since they “smelled badly” at the time and the behaviors of the NY State Police were odd.

My brother in-law Walter Thompson made reference to this with his term “Five Point Buck”. He knew what they would do and had done.

For most all of my young adult and adult life I have managed to avoid hitting a deer with a car even though I spent a lot of time behind the wheel and did so in rural areas of Western NY.

This is a common problem that now may look somewhat more sinister.

With all of that, I was returning home in late 2001 from changing out a machine at an IRS facility in Covington KY with the defective VME chassis in the back of the White Dodge Grand Caravan that we had rented to make this trip at CEDARTECH, Inc.

I was quite a ways south of the Angola NY Service center on I-90 heading north/east and it was around midnight or early am the next day and I was of course tired but had slept a little at the hotel and showered and deciced to head back instead of stay all night.

I recall noticing a tractor trailer that seemed to approach me way too fast on a basically empty interstate, as I looked at the clock radio and noticed the time and said to myself almost home, I saw a small doe approach the side of the road in front of me to the right. There was a chain link fence behind her and it made me wonder how she got there.

The semi seemed now to be pacing me and at his rate of close he might as well have passed me since I am white and NY State Police are brown. He knew I was not a speed trap.

As I tried to head slowly to the left shoulder the deer at the last second stepped directly in front of the van, perfect timing.

The deer went completely under the van, pushed the nose of it back to the windshield and ruined the van in one fell swoop. I moved the now stalled van to the right shoulder before the truck crashed in to the back of me without once hitting the brakes which I managed to avoid with steam coming out from the front of the van.

The airbag did NOT deploy and the truck driver slowed and pulled off to the right ahead of me and came running back to me, basically thanking me for not stomping on the brakes of the van.

We determined the van would not operate and he agreed to take me to the Angola Service center and then he took off. I did not accuse him of anything and thanked him for helping but thought to myself this looks fishy.

I called Heike and had her come to meet me and told her how to get there and a NY State Trooper showed up as I sat outside asking if that was my van and I said yes. He acted oddly and made a report.

Kind of like he knew too much, another NYS Trooper drove past me later staring at me oddly. They did this.

It was somewhere around this location I can't be sure now:

Heike of course got lost and headed for Albany/Rochester and eventually showed up to take me home.

I had not realized this was done intentionally until just now, 10/2014 and based on my experience in 2003 with another event I will discuss here later.

I returned to work the next day with my 1999 Chevy Silverado and went with my supervisor Dr. Yong-Chul Shin to go and get the VME computer from the van. He agreed to pay the $100 fee to the rental company, that is all you are liable for in NY State when you total a rental car, not many people know this, and he made it seem like they did me a favor.

I said sorry, this is all on you and I want milege for my personal vehicle use down there and back also.

Later he admitted (vaguely suggested) this was done intentionally and likely involved the car rental place, a local area Dodge Dealer, Transitown Dodge in Williamsville NY as well as the NYSP and this truck driver who claimed to be from Hamilton Ontario Canada. He made references to Deer Park Water, etc. and the whole thing smells badly now. Knowing what I know about the wife, the knife work and degree frauds etc.

So now in retrospect, I'd say the IRS is involved, as the Ogden Utah IRS Supervisor indicated to me circa 1996, this is their fault now.

This event was much later in 2001 and they likely expected me to drive my 1999 Chevrolet Silverado down to Covington KY to the IRS location there. Also likely this was a set up, no reason to make the trip, the female IRS KY employees there seemed as though they were being pandered to me, a bit too saucy on it all.

Plus they reacted oddly to my comment that I would not wait for this person as I drove many hours already to be there and I felt kind of gamey and was in need of a shower as I iterated to them. Their response was wrong and evasive and told me something was wrong. They are guilty and this struck a nerve with the women. Gnu's Not Unix and Kid Is Dead, The GNU KID on the block.

The one female IRS employee all but freaked out and panicked, and did this sneer and snort thing saying "he knows, now what do we do?"..... they had knowledge and this was planned and they are directly involved.

This would need to involve SUNY Buffalo, CEDAR, CEDARTech Inc, Dr. Sargur N Srihari, my wife Heike Helga Jones, Dr. Yong-Chul Shin PhD of CEDAR and CEDARTECH, The US IRS, NY State Police, and others.

So in total, driver of tractor trailer acts weird, NY State Police (x2) acts weird, Heike acts weird, Dr. Yong-Chul Shin of CEDARTech, Inc acts weird next day. This looks like a homicide attempt.

I won't validate this for any of you as being a piece of cake, since many of you may have ended up dead on it.

Now people cry poor and piss and moan about the money, in this one event alone you wasted thousands of dollars on travel costs, fuel expense, hotel and meal fees, and completely ruin a new $30,000 van by pushing the front end of it back to the windshield. Putting my life and that of others at risk.

I later resign that job, Heike becomes violent and abusive to an extreme, she attempts murder in 2003 and I am now living in area hotels in ill health. I am now driving my red 2002 GMC Sierra and we are on RT18 just east of my parent's home in Wilson NY and I have a Dodge Durango in front of me and we are heading east on what is turning out to be a cold and rainy night. Still lots of leaves on the trees and brush and again I notice a doe, off the right side of the road. The Durango in front of me slows down and at the last minute I see the doe heel back like a dog on a leash being led who does not want to go, and I see a glint of a reflection off what must be fishing line around her neck. I said, Ahhhhh! I see what we have here. She put her front feet out and pushed back against the lead.

I accelerate past the deer given that opportunity with her moving backwards, the Durango driver flicks a lit cigarette out the window in anger knowing they missed and I pass him and point, I have you! He would not even look at me.

This was done intentionally as was the White van I-90 hit.