How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

No Free Speech Lunch

Related to free speech laws and SCOTUS say with Brandenburg VS Ohio:

That case is specific to Clarence Brandenburg and his acts and speech at that time.

Related to the killing of Gays lets say as advocated by pastors in Jesuit Churches there is no protection.

Charles Manson remains in custody although he made no violent act but is charged as being a conspirator and is vicariously culpable as these people are.

Vatican also makes that act by their word that tells others to break US law. Instructs them to do so.

Softening the act to claim they meant execution does not allow them protection by speaking for them, changing their words, or using their lies about fact no law is established to take that life for them in this case being Gay. They can also call it medicine and be wrong or you can speak for them saying they meant love fest.... it is murder and no law in the future will establish them being killed.

Brandenburg won this appeal for many reasons you'd not know and can not witness now. And reliance on another man's wrong doing is a bad plan overall.

His lucking out on this and making a win overall relies on the details of his case not present here and the fact a lower court and their wrong bars him from being charged again, double jeopardy precludes that.

SCOTUS does not bar prosecution of inciting someone to murder another...

They can charge under RICO act as well.

In addition children are present and they can not consent to his free speech or his wrong doing such that they can make a right act on his words.

The law protects them and changes a pastor's rights to free speaking. As it must.

So in this case you as an adult might be able to take his words and not be incited to riot lets say or kill, a child can not do so. They can not make the choice, the law acts.... incitement.

You are done.