How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

New York State Is Imploding

Laughable how one day Andrew Cuomo is talking up how great his friend Sheldon Silver is, and the next day Silver is arrested for criminal wrongdoing while in office in NY State. Good luck to Cuomo over there.


This is going to end up looking more serious than some would claim since it is likely Hillary would be charged with compromising secret documents in this process. I'd have hoped she would not be this naive.

Sheldon Silver works to ruin NY State:

Eliot Spitzer saw fit to indicate that his and other's “sensibilities” told them you don't prosecute people for their vices. And now given the deregulation (Criminal culture enabling) caused this catastrophic collapse, maybe others will reevaluate that. Given the fact he says he is not one to pass judgment.

So now he admits he was never in a position to judge and by that be Attorney General or Governor of NY State.

He has nullified the witness of the State.

He makes this admission around 01:42:50 in this documentary of the financial collapse.

At least he left his socks on when spending your money sleeping with hookers.

This speaks to the naivete that Eliot Spitzer and now Cuomo demonstrates with stupid comments like this and Spitzer's decades of pubic service in NY as Attorney General and later Governor of NY State.

Spitzer was in office a total of 8 years as AG and one year as Governor of NY State and then does this.

About William Swan President Of First Niagara Bank Lockport NY 14094.

The president (Bill Swann) of the bank holding our home loan (First Niagara Financial Group formerly Lockport Savings Bank) takes his own life the day my wife is served with divorce papers on August 20, 2003, I knew the bank was compromised and being used and figured this out later that he took his own life this way.

It was later suggested that Bill Swann was upset over cyber bullying that went on in FaceBook. It is likely however that he is guilty of something else.

Hard to know where their business office is since their website won't divulge that easily, I had to resort to Wikipedia to find it.

I'd never do business with this bank or invest in their stock NASDAQ: FNFG.

More articles about sinking homes in Buffalo/Amherst NY. Some I've read cite as many as 700-1000 homes are at risk. I'd say it is likely more than that are and you won't know the whole truth.

Do your own search to confirm, I also have the PDF file for the soil study.

The Amherst NY links to the soil study:

I guess my point is why would a Governor of NY State go to Cuba at all?

Leave that to the White House?

Too much disputation ongoing between States like NY and AZ and TX against the US Federal Government these days.

You are a nation divided.