How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Nazi Audacity

For how many years was the government of Hungary fooled by the Nazis? From 1941 to 1944? The rest of the world?

It seems self defeating. What America is doing to its innocents and children tells me, from my witness and experience, that they truly are a criminal enterprise. There is no protection for the innocent and seems to be no justice for anyone there at all. This would logically extend to other nations who will of course see similar harm caused to them for possibly no reason at all.

It leaves me to wonder who decided when I was a child that I'd have no future in the USA simply because of the harm caused to me before I was even aware I was alive?

Then the state set out on a course of action to continue to mislead me and harm me and to involve others to do so and then make it seem like something else or my fault or barring that keep it secret. At some point in the future I would be declared mentally ill just to dispose of my witness and then likely I'd be euthanised as was attempted many times with most designed to look as accidents.

It is akin to Hitler's problems again and that of the Jewish people. He wasted all those precious resources murdering millions of Jewish and other innocents and burning their corpses in his personal genocide machine and where did he come by all the fuel needed to fuel those crematoriums?

Eventually his own generals turned against him and refused to harm and butcher children and women this way. In the end we are told Hitler's war ended up murdering him and then exporting all the brain power needed to build America's Atomic Bomb, Einstein et al came from Nazi Germany.

America is doing a fine job of harming people like me right in their home towns and fooling all of you and us about it.

I wonder why?

The USA is using Nazi paradigms and the defenses of audacity that come with and seem to think they can make the same mistakes and be luckier than Hitler was. I don't see it as so.

Problem is they are doing it to their own people.

These people are still empowered.

You are still being fooled.

" [Nazi philosophy] by no means believes in an equality of races, but along with their difference it recognizes their higher or lesser value and feels itself obligated to promote the victory of the better and stronger, and demand the subordination of the inferior and weaker in accordance with the eternal will that dominates this universe." - Hitler states in Mein Kampf.

Hitler ends up speaking and acting for God based on HIS interpretation of God's will and then feels a need to ENFORCE that on this earth.


Then Hitler starts bifurcating his own kind to get where he ended up....


Nobody likes to see their Nation's leaders crumble and/or humiliate themselves, pathetic.

Unless they are that bad.

Religion. A curse.


Hitler then states the Aryan is also culturally superior.

"All the human culture, all the results of art, science, and technology that we see before us today, are almost exclusively the creative product of the Aryan..."

"Hence it is no accident that the first cultures arose in places where the Aryan, in his encounters with lower peoples, subjugated them and bent them to his will. They then became the first technical instrument in the service of a developing culture."

Hitler goes on to say that subjugated peoples actually benefit by being conquered because they come in contact with and learn from the superior Aryans. However, he adds they benefit only as long as the Aryan remains the absolute master and doesn't mingle or inter-marry with inferior conquered peoples.

But it is the Jews, Hitler says, who are engaged in a conspiracy to keep this master race from assuming its rightful position as rulers of the world, by tainting its racial and cultural purity and even inventing forms of government in which the Aryan comes to believe in equality and fails to recognize his racial superiority.

"The mightiest counterpart to the Aryan is represented by the Jew."

Hitler describes the struggle for world domination as an ongoing racial, cultural, and political battle between Aryans and Jews. He outlines his thoughts in detail, accusing the Jews of conducting an international conspiracy to control world finances, controlling the press, inventing liberal democracy as wells as Marxism, promoting prostitution and vice, and using culture to spread disharmony.

Throughout Mein Kampf, Hitler refers to Jews as parasites, liars, dirty, crafty, sly, wily, clever, without any true culture, a sponger, a middleman, a maggot, eternal blood suckers, repulsive, unscrupulous, monsters, foreign, menace, bloodthirsty, avaricious, the destroyer of Aryan humanity, and the mortal enemy of Aryan humanity...

"...for the higher he climbs, the more alluring his old goal that was once promised him rises from the veil of the past, and with feverish avidity his keenest minds see the dream of world domination tangibly approaching."

This conspiracy idea and the notion of 'competition' for world domination between Jews and Aryans would become widespread beliefs in Nazi Germany and would even be taught to school children.

This, combined with Hitler's racial attitude toward the Jews, would be shared to varying degrees by millions of Germans and people from occupied countries, so that they either remained silent or actively participated in the Nazi effort to exterminate the entire Jewish population of Europe.



"Cleanliness, whether moral or of another kind, had its own peculiar meaning for these people. That they were water-shy was obvious on looking at them and, unfortunately, very often also when not looking at them at all. The odour of those people in caftans often used to make me feel ill. Beyond that there were the unkempt clothes and the ignoble exterior. All these details were certainly not attractive; but the revolting feature was that beneath their unclean exterior one suddenly perceived the moral mildew of the chosen race......... Was there any shady undertaking, any form of foulness, especially in cultural life, in which at least one Jew did not participate? On putting the probing knife carefully to that kind of abscess one immediately discovered, like a maggot in a putrescent body, a little Jew who was often blinded by the sudden light. "