How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Robert Moses Hydro Electric Plant Fires In Niagara Falls NY USA.

Recent News Photo Of The Robert Moses Hydro Plant Transformer Fires.

Robert Moses Hydroelectric Power Plant Fire Niagara Falls NY USA

Americans are too quick to attack their own people and wave the flag on causes that are antithetical to their own good and by that associate themselves with things no sane person would be associated with.

And they do so based often on specific vanity that would tell any logical mind that this person is in the right and attacking them is not the right thing to do.

Plus it is not up to them or you to do that.

American's best defense and foundations moving forward are? Ignorance.

Their actions prove they had it both ways and did know and not knowing would not be sufficient causes for them to act that out.

Police and State have same problem, why blame others or victims for crimes you are ok with, that being all of them?

This proves you have no State since you offer no service and have no law.

You do all this to people like me who you need to make this place work and this is what you get:

Less power to you. August 19, 2012 fire at Robert Moses Hydro Plant in Niagara Falls NY USA.

Another fire at same place March 19, 2014.



Finding NiMo (Niagara Mohawk):

The point is that my parent's home has a number of death trap features built into it to harm me and one of them is this reactive source by way of line transformer on the service to my mother and father's home at 4483 East Lake Road Wilson NY 14172 USA +1 (716) 751-6461.

These things were placed there to enable efforts to murder me, further those efforts and Don Farley is a Niagara Mohawk employee who expedited this install of the transformer. This is a State asset.

So.... Niagara Mohawk now National Grid conspire in these atrocities as does NY State.

I am surprised this home has not burst into flames or had a fuel oil explosion etc.

Two failures in two years and the fact you have nothing to damp this power is part of your problem, no consumers now.

So failures on August 19, 2012 and March 19, 2014.

Both ending with explosions of the primary generating side transformers.

This will make it worse:


Town Of Barker NY USA Loses 40% Of Their Tax Base.

Do like Western NY State does, since they have all this excess capacity at the National Grid formerly Niagara Mohawk hydro-electric plant in Niagara Falls, they felt a need to needlessly burn more non renewables in order to generate more money from waste heat.

So they built a coal fired generating plant in Barker NY that is now already falling apart and AES plans to walk away from it, as well as a natural gas fueled generating plant in the Lockport CoGeneration plant.

Now that most all the local business has left Western NY, Buffalo and Lockport and Niagara Falls and the people with it there is no tax base, and no need for the power that the electro-chemical and auto business once needed.




Most local grids in the USA can't support very many electric cars and nobody is telling you that.

Not all of you can own one in other words.

Entered into service in 1984:


Somerset Operating Co. LLC Generating Plant
FULL MARKET VALUE $77,945,100.00
Somerset, NY 14012
7725 Lake Rd
Barker, NY 14012

They misspeak about the reasons this is failing:

"The upstate plant was formerly operated by AES Somerset, which declared bankruptcy late last year amid marketplace difficulties brought on, in part, by the importation of government-subsidized power from Canada, as well as ever more costly "greenhouse gas" restrictions."

The reasons you are not solvent are the facts you have no courts and law enforcement in that area since the Police and others are busy harming children and doing other crimes to people.

Business won't bring people there to work and left as they told me more than once.

We won't work here is their words.

I see why now.

And they cited my case as one of the reasons why and as being iconic.

Being I did not even know much of it.

Until later.

See how they want to blame Canada for this?

This is NOT Canada's fault. This is the fault of US and NY law enforcement.

Notice too how NY State and others offer how proud they are of this Hydro Plant and all the wonder this thing is as if they did this....

Germans built this plant and designed and made the turbines and generators.

Locals adjusted the whole mess once to get more efficiency and made it worse and not better.

They had to have people from Germany come over and make it right again.

With the caveat not to do that again lest you destroy the station. This is an odd analogy to the death trap that is made in my parent's home by Niagara Mohawk, Donald Farley, and others, made in efforts to murder me and sabotage that home.