How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Military Paradigms And How Police and US Armed Forces Support Treason.

Nate Wolf Murders Kids

This comes from a response I made to nonsense from another "American Hero" who decided he is going to solve all this for you (by blaming me) .... here is Nate Wolf:

Nate Wolfe --

Here is what you said to me initially which essentially says be silent about harms to children and atrocities done to innocents in USA.

So there you go:

Nate Wolfe sez -- "Quit crying... you're pathetic.... no veteran or active duty military personnel should ever show signs of weakness.... including whining.... this is life and you and I are not special just be ause we wrote a check for up to and including our lives.... be happy you made it out alive.... the recognition from civillians is reward enough...."

So Nate yes you are a pedophile since:

1) You refuse to speak against the crime(s).

2) You arrive to suppress the witness against the crime(s).

3) You said nothing to speak against them as they went on in your community for many years.

4) You feel the victims need to accept the abuse and murder and rape for some reason.

5) You toss slurs and make ad hominem attacks against the victims.

6) You and others in the US DOD insult victims of such atrocities by making false draft notices for your kids, mock them on the vanity of the child porn you made with them, change their genders in doing that, then murder them on the job or in the night and hide behind women and children to do the same. All of that was done to me BTW.

7) I don't need to be special as an American Citizen and non combatant to not have someone rape me as a child. There is no war ongoing here. The rule of law is here for all. Not just the special.

With that you support the acts and then get involved beyond your acts of omission.

Then you add more to the already lost cause for you with this verbal abortion and load of puke:

Nate Wolfe sez -- "Wow... only pedophiles even think about fucking kids... you're a sicko... that must bewhy your hiding your face in Your profile pic... personally I'm not worried about anything in life.... you... well you've gotta worry bout doing what girls do... and that's sending emails talking shit.... only a coward would do that... so I have to consider the source of the attempted insults... you left me feeling like a retarded kid just inboxed me trying to convince me that 2 plus 2 is 5 and I'm dumb if I don't agree... lmao.... do the world a favor and don't spread your genetics... yours are crippled..."

Most of that which you said is trash and not accurate. Seems like a clever way to blame children for being forced to forget their abuse to live with their abusers which means you had to think about that to arrive there. Blame the victim once more. And not accurate.

You could not refute or rebut one thing I say ever since it is witness and you already made the fool of you and to consider the source, maybe read about it in the local paper that has knife wounds made in a car accident. I think you have a problem with vanity and the rest.

You lied about all of this and do so still.

And I already called you and them a liar to your face(s) and I will do so forever. Too late for your version of the truth.

You've been caught in them and I have proof of that and witness of others. You have nothing you can use against me and never did and can not make one derogatory claim against me and never could.

Nobody will believe you now anyway.

Again to your first remark I cite again here:

Nate Wolfe sez -- "Quit crying... you're pathetic.... no veteran or active duty military personnel should ever show signs of weakness.... including whining.... this is life and you and I are not special just be ause we wrote a check for up to and including our lives.... be happy you made it out alive.... the recognition from civillians is reward enough...."

I am not crying, and you'd not know that either. The problems with this are that you offer:

1) Being immune to the abuse makes it OK and you stronger for it. It won't since it will get you shot in the back of the head and dead.

2) You offer that those in the military would not report a crime, hopefully inaccurate but to my point, those in the military are involved in doing this and to remove witness from it. I worked for DOD among others in the USA.

3) You offer that your or other's service in the US Armed Forces makes violent and perverse crimes to American Citizens and children OK, it does not. You have seen the enemy and he is you. You summarily toss any sacrifice you made down the toilet with this since you fight not for the country but only to harm the innocents in the USA.

4) There is no recognition from civilians since they do as you do, lie about it, blame the person being harmed, and then call it something else. They support raping their own children and do it just as you do here.

All of that would make you a felon and reprobate and not a man and not an American and not a military man. Many commanders would shoot you on sight for fear you'd harm someone in your squad.

I'd not turn my back on you either BTW.

You or anyone else getting harmed in combat does not make doing this to American's and their kids OK. You'd be insane to suggest that and doing as you do by it (since you do offer that here) would negate any sacrifice you made by doing what you just did. You prove my point in other words.

Beyond that you already lost this argument by not having one or making a statement against the acts done to me and prefer to make slurs of me about them.

You had plenty of time, years, to tell me face to face like a real man would have done, that I had a knife in my back first of all, and that I had been harmed as a child by my father and someone else over by the Helpee Selfee when I was about 4. That is what this is all about. What you think, and don't do, or say, matters not now since it won't stop them from doing what they did to me for it. You are too late and already cast your vote for the abuse.

Don't bother me now or preach about anything.

You do a great job looking like fools and proving me right Nate.

Nate had to add this later:

Nate Wolfe sez -- "Awww how cute... you're a negative attention seeker and emotionally weak person who is angry over a comment... please don't breed"

Right, this is what prompted you to email me the message I cited up top, recall you contacted me and not the other way around?

So as to your offers of genetics, you sound like Hitler and Mengele and I doubt you'd know the first thing about it to begin with and neither did they. Your plans are working out as well as theirs and likely will end in your suicides eventually anyway.

So anyone who witnesses against crimes is a negative attention seeker since you feel that all these felonies should just go on since you are for them, OK makes sense Nate.

Again you prove the point you are a pedophile and child rapist.

Thanks for burning the American flag once more for me Nate.

You are too cavalier with human lives and justify needless atrocities with that, who's only foundation is needless perversion.

Change your name to Hate maybe?

In total your reply and abuse, that I did not ask for BTW, you had no need to respond to a comment I made that was not directed at you personally, proves my point in that you don't stand for anything and don't stand against anything.

You make this easy, that being make you and the USA look as fools. You are fools.

Here is your punch line Nate:

Nate Wolfe sez -- "... personally I'm not worried about anything in life...."

I accept that as your offer of an admission of guilt and failure.

If you don't care then why get involved? Bye Nate.

BTW this looks like censorship and the want to involve media further in the crimes by calling them something else and by that you support harming your own children.

Police confirm this information, you'd not know that, and all I offer as witness here is true and I can prove that also. You can't say anything to the contrary. Doing so makes you look a fraud. You won't recant for them and the Police in USA share your same predicament, that being support the crimes and suppress witness. They said nothing and did nothing to prosecute them.

And you never said anything at all anyway, where have YOU been my whole life and why show up now with an offer of having a spine on it at all? You don't. Go slither back under your rock Nate.

Making slurs of me is abuse. Since none of you know me and it is not your place to judge me. And you act with prejudice, that being scrutinize and malign me and let others do as they please, a double standard. They break the law, I don't, you make me pay for it.

You are so diligent about looking good by blaming people who complain, you get caught in the effort to smear someone who is innocent, not that this would matter, since you prefer to stand for anything done to a human being in your nation.

The worst sin and crime for you? To complain.

Why be here or fight for a nation then? Since all you do is ignore all the wrongs in the world? Why fight or read?

I suggest you go to the Washington Post and NY Times and tell them they are all sissy whiners and complainers and nobody needs them.

You can turn off the computer now Nate. This is too complex for your one remaining brain cell.

Go back to acting like a cockroach little boy Nate; Avoid light, see light, drop to floor, run to nearest wall, hide under cabinet, wait for light to go off... repeat at top.

The problem with America is Americans. Just like you Nate.

Did you have anything to ask me about this? Why bother now since you assumed something else, right?

Good luck.

But again Nate, your only point for making an email to me was to:

1) Not stand against the crimes, thereby supporting them.

2) Blame the victim and support murder and harm of the victim thereby supporting the crimes.

3) Find fault with the victim for complaining about the crimes or witness against.

That makes you a pedophile and felon.

For you this was wasted effort typing all that nonsense. You won't recant for those who confessed to this already.

There are scars including those made from child harms and vivisection wounds that can not be accidentally made.

My father concedes the harm as does the law/state.

I have witness and so do others who used the vanity of the child harms.

Your opinion does not matter since others acted upon it.

Again it is too late since you support the acts.

You are worthless and weak.

Again this is the typical American's problem. You work to ruin your own nation, attack your own people, make a mess at home, support and enable a worthless and ineffective government, then you attack other nations and murder them and celebrate this as some patriotic victory in the hope to install your worthless system and beliefs over there.

None of that vindicates you for your felonies and atrocities done to your own citizens and children in the USA.