How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

New York State's Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman Zombies People

Two recent news articles from New York State's Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman point out the recent offers where NY State seems to be mirroring lip service to the atrocities done to me, and by that do nothing to prosecute the countless felonies done to me, but instead offer to support those doing the crimes, offering Police protection of the felons doing it to me, making other violent efforts to suppress witness and to obstruct, blame me for them, and then speak against the concerns in general as it applies to others. State later offers motive and support for the hate crimes, vivisections, arson of other's homes, homicide and euthanasia efforts, and sexual harms to my sister and I as children, and justifies how work weeks in excess of at times over 100 hours per week while under their employ for NY State is something different than what these employers NY's AG is targeting do to their people!

Typical sociopathic behaviors, transfer blame and accuse their victims of what they do. Even accuse us as children when they harm us.

This process of on the job abuse while at SUNY Buffalo, was intentional, led to efforts to install a wife who was a femme fatale and later efforts to euthanize me to suppress witness of these atrocities done to me and others.

This along with the arrest of top leaders in NY State government such as Sheldon Silver, efforts of Andrew Cuomo to pretend to be nation building, offer they control or predict the weather, and that they are bigger brother than the USA tell me that since the Federal Government of the USA has said that NY is wrong, that I am right, and I am, then they just decided to disagree with them and me and then justify their atrocities done to me, blame me for something, offer motive for their extra judicial and covert actions to harm me, and by that admit guilt by doing so.

I was not ONCE charged with a crime and held positions of trust in State and Federal government and they knew of all this and remained silent about.

NY has no recourse and is responsible for this blame and murder the victim mess they made of it all and involved YOU the people in.

I was harmed intentionally on the job with abusive practices including work weeks well over 80 hours (unpaid) that went on for years at a time. This along with efforts to meddle and sabotage projects to make them fail or be needlessly difficult added to the intentional abuse that led to homicide to suppress my witness against these and other crimes State did to me.

New York now does nothing but talk itself into jail along with their new and soon to be arrested AG and Governor to replace the felons who used to not run the show over there. In the process they make themselves look as fools, admit their guilt, and then do nothing to resolve any of it other than blather about it all making more of a mess as they did these last 50 years. Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk, that is all these people do, talk and spend money and waste time.


13 retailers questioned by N.Y. attorney general about worker scheduling

The scheduling practices of 13 retailers, including Gap Inc., Target Corp. and Abercrombie & Fitch Co., are being scrutinized by New York Atty. Gen. Eric T. Schneiderman.

In a letter sent to the retailers, the attorney general's office said it had received reports that a growing number of employers, particularly in the retail industry, were requiring hourly employees to work on-call shifts. The office said it had “reason to believe” the 13 retailers might be using this kind of scheduling.

On-call scheduling requires workers to call in just a few hours in advance or the night before to see if they need to come in to work. If not needed, the employee will receive no pay for the day.

“For many workers, that is too little time to make arrangements for family needs, let alone to find an alternative source of income to compensate for the lost pay,” the letter says.

--END QUOTE--“zombie-properties

Cuomo, Spitzer, and this BOZO Schneiderman need to consider they are the reason these properties are zombied.....


A.G. Schneiderman To Submit Expanded Legislation To Address Growing Problem Of “Zombie Properties”

AG’s Abandoned Property Neighborhood Relief Act Will Protect Homeowners And Communities From Growing Scourge Of Vacant And Abandoned Properties

Bill To Require Mortgage Lenders And Servicers To Notify Homeowners Of Their Rights, Identify, Secure And Maintain Vacant And Abandoned Properties Earlier; Fines To Be Directed To Increased Code Enforcement

Schneiderman: With 50% More Zombie Properties Statewide, We Must Solve The Vacant And Abandoned Property Crisis

ALBANY – Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced that in the next two weeks he will resubmit to the legislature an expanded version of a bill he proposed last year to address the growing statewide problem of so-called “zombie properties” – vacant and abandoned homes that are not maintained during a prolonged foreclosure proceeding. The Attorney General’s program bill, the Abandoned Property Neighborhood Relief Act, aims to reduce the number of vacant and abandoned properties falling into disrepair across the state by informing homeowners of their right to stay in their home until a court orders the homeowner to leave, requiring mortgage lenders and servicers to identify, secure and maintain vacant and abandoned properties much earlier in the foreclosure process, and creating a registry of such properties to assist municipalities with enforcement of laws regarding property maintenance. In a new provision, any fines levied against banks and other lenders for noncompliance with the law would be directed to a fund for local governments to hire additional code enforcement officers. Independent Democratic Conference Leader and Senate Coalition Co-Leader Jeffrey D. Klein and Assembly Member Helene Weinstein are expected to sponsor the legislation. Attorney General Schneiderman announced the bill in a speech before the New York State Association of Towns’ 2015 Training School and Annual Meeting.


Keep in mind how I was slandered specifically in print media in 1981 related to the vivisection attack and hate crimes and how people like me who would have invested in NY State including owning homes etc can't do so when the State decided to de-invent them as people in total on paper and later with prejudice and frauds and eventually homicide to fix their messes.

These people planned all along to offer prejudice and by that knew I was Stateless.

The People and as the law, and that includes New York, their AG and Governor have no witness since they nullified it, and they waived their rights by breaking the law and committing violent and sexual felonies, including child rapes and hate crimes against children and ethnics.

The continued actions by this State and others demonstrate cognizance of guilt, offers of motive and by that admissions of guilt by offering the crimes as being extra judicial and punitive in nature. They can't be and due process is mandated and would never lead to these forms of punishments including having sex with the victims, even as children, cutting them apart in Ambulances, slandering them and their names and characters in the media, use of their abusive parents and others to murder them, use of medicine to compel suicide, mayhem and cause death, etc.