How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

NY State's Fiat Tax Bill/Lien In The Wake Of Their Marital Fraud And Hate Party.

NY State recently made another attempt at grand larceny when they held a bank account with over $40,000.00 in it with the hope to not take just under $3,000.00 from me for a tax lien I do not owe them.

This item and others still reside on my credit reports as of today July 2014 and will never be paid since it is not owed.

I have been treated prejudicially and denied housing, banking, employment, and medical care due to this and the other crimes against me, and for no fault of my own.

They hoped to compel this under duress, again. Like all the other crimes against me.

The IRS refunded me for TY 2003 knowing I had been harmed. They also know they owe me more.

For some reason they audited me in 2005 for TY 2003. It seems odd really. Why do that now?

Did they locate their own mistakes and crimes? It seems not.

I am betting they thought I would pay and NOT fight the fiat divorce and other financial frauds.

I have been crippled for life from these harms and am not able to work.

I was disabled prior to this from attacks in 1981 I were told were accidental. They are not.

I now learn I was NEVER able to work in NY State or the USA.

They are claiming this debt for TY 2003 and waited until March of 2011 to attempt to collect. I made them return the money.

In the interim I ended up homeless more than three times, ended up destitute and nearly starving to death for many years and all of this could have been avoided.

It is looking as though this was compelled also.

Again the State's fault done to deprive me of food, shelter, deprive me of my property and evidence and records and the hope to suppress my witness against these crimes.

It really is too late, I am not obligated to keep records past 7 years, they have no witness for many reasons, first of all they are complicit.

They are time barred for that reason now also.

The involve of the State and Police in child harms and the attack in 1981 and with the wife nullify their witness and remove their prosecutorial abilities.

I am immune from their crimes and by this.

I could not file for TY 2003 at the time and did not know that.

All matters were left in the hands of the courts.

I was not a resident of NY State in 2003. I still am not.

I still can not file for TY 2003, I am the victim of marital fraud and other crimes.

These crimes have rendered me Stateless.

I now learn I was NEVER a resident of NY State and by that NOT obligated to be taxed.

They knew they'd never offer service and many of these crimes are done to me towards that end.

This is proof of their guilt and their cognizance of their guilt. The crimes were done to address the immunity and Stateless nature of the problem and to deny me service.

The State is complicit in the attacks and harm, directly.

All my assets were held illiquid relative to the "divorce".

All were then "donated" to the woman I now learn I was never legally married to and am now still not legally divorced from.

The NY State Supreme Court Justice Vincent Doyle was ill with cancer and a brain tumor, he would be incompetent and they knew this.

Doyle was arrested early in 2005 for shoplifting before he ruled on my divorce. Nothing was being done as a result of his cancer.

It seems now that a bunch of attorneys decided to take all my money and pay the woman who nearly murdered me in order to make me look bad and her look good.

This woman was a femme fatale and state paid shill used to conspire in the prior violence against me.

The State is complicit in its own want to collect monies they are not owed, to delay the process further, to delay and deny justice to me, the victim of these violent crimes and to cause harm in that regard.

The State wanted to rely on extortion and other means of duress to compel the frauds moving forward and to ensure that I paid for them needlessly.

They are complicit in this and offer the extra judicial nature of the tax levy to the end of supporting the violence and other extra judicial harms caused to me.

This includes more than one effort at extra judicial euthanasia.

Ella Hawkins of the NY State Department of Taxation and Finance in Albany told me in 2008 they were not attempting to collect.

If you are not going to collect then you are not going to collect. Why wait just to charge more in fees and penalties that would be THEIR fault to begin with?

I now learn given the Stateless nature they placed me in even when I was a child and the fact they planned NEVER to offer service, I'd need to have ALL monies returned to me.

This is "justified" on the backs of other frauds including the fact that the "system" does not work and divorce is a sham etc., and none of that works for me since the system seems to protect all the child rapists and killers who look to get away with murder.

The "system" did this to me and made a large and well engineered effort to make it look accidental and deserved. This offers motive now.

I STILL have no access to banking products, I have accounts still held related to the marital sham, and this is 11 years later.

I have suffered prejudicial treatment, been denied housing, credit, banking, employment, etc. from no fault of my own, simply because I am the victim of crime(s).

The State conspires in these violent felonies, hate crimes, and child abuse and rape.

This is an end around to make it seem like my fault for being Stateless, blame the victim in that he can not live there since he won't pay his debts. This is a fraud with that design in mind for one. That is not true, this is the State's doing.

The State employed character assassination and the use of shills in order to complete this fraud and to tell and prove to others that this is their inventions.

Again, the wife and my friends I now learn are State paid shills. Done to also support my horridly abusive parents who have friends in the Police and US DOD.

None of them have been prosecuted in my witness. And the State hoped that this would go away quietly with my death.

In my case nothing could be more obvious but they refuse to pay or make it right and profit my attackers and allow them to remain free.

I don't feel it is necessary to have to report the persons involved that you enlisted as shills to begin with in their want to take my life covertly and extra judicially along with harming me as a child and practicing violent hate.

You know who you and they are and what you and they have done. You pay for it.

You should have come to me instead of seeing how much you can get away with and how long it can go on.

I pay for police protection and their being felons and the denial of service vacate your claims and authority to tax me by that.

You denied me service many times and for 5 decades, your debt is permanent to me.

You knew of the stateless nature of the problem. You have committed many felonies including thefts of this money each year and used others to harm me.

I've been denied medical treatment, housing and employment and had abusive parents conspire with police and the state to harm me.

If I can't own property and have police and courts protect it then I can't sign mortgages and loans for cars or work there and you can't collect taxes.

None of my addresses were serviceable, according to HUD guidelines I was homeless since birth.

The State's taxation agencies and banks/creditors can not accept monies from me since they'd be profiting in murder and violent hate crimes and child rape among other felonies and atrocities.

This is blood money.

To NY's 4 point response to my complaints:

- You already indicated to me (Ella Hawkins) in 2008 that you are making no effort to collect. You waited to ensure I was homeless many times and then used the Police to steal my court documents and medical records and financial documents then you did this. IRS solved the matter within 30 days and refunded ALL my money (For TY2003) and that was in late 2005. Your lies continue anew with the claim you were notified of this debt in 2007 by IRS. Too late. That is not possible.

- You will be paying me interest and accruals on the debt as well as punitive amounts.

- No adjustments will be made, you will refund all years in full.

- You have known about this all along and admitted your guilt many times via this. Indicating the debt is permanent, it is. And you are not attempting to collect, you can not. Etc. You don't need proof, you do and you have it, it incriminates YOU and now you stonewall on it all and blame someone else.

This is NY State acting like me since I did not have knowledge and was busy and homeless, etc. All in all a fantasy and insult and blame the victim paradigm that they have woven into this whole lifetime of felonies and rapes of my person and finances.

Now you make the mistake of blaming me, the victim, and offer motive for this and your other crimes and involve OTHER STATES! Euthanasia ends this for you, you knew of this debt and did not want to pay me.

You hoped to allow my attackers to go free. This is not Police or State, this is a Mafia.

The US Attorney in San Jose as of 2008 indicated to me they had all they needed to proceed. I filed thousands of documents under oath to NY State and other bodies.

This is over 11 years ongoing and fully six more years from that date and I have discovered literally dozens of new felonies against me including child rapes and harms to ADD to this complaint.

The State (Mostly NY) is complicit in ALL of them.

NY State now hopes to accuse the IRS and USA of something that was done BY NY State, IN NY State and in their witness.

This is absurd and amounts to an excessive tax bill of over $1,000 on a year I had no income at all for, that I literally lost HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars for, just for TY2003, and then they assess a penalty that doubles that to over $2,000.00.

This is insane. And getting worse.

This is malice, witness intimidation, witness suppression, collusion with violent hate crimes and child rapes, felony theft and grand larceny, and other crimes.

There is NO merit to this at all and has cost NY State millions of dollars not to collect and likely costs them this amount each month since I refuse to live there from this.

These people are fools and felons and pedophiles.

My father said this long ago and of course he conspired in the murder attempts; "They don't want to pay you Terry."

Guess what? You have no choice......

When you finally decide to leave NY State and not return be sure to tell them why and that I sent you....

Goode Luck!

I've suffered over 11 years of harm from this, decades more with the faux marriage, and decades more from the hate crime/vivisection/accident in 1981.

And so this continues.....

Welcome to the most corrupt and vile State in the World. NY State.

If they will get this one wrong they will get ALL others wrong.

This is obvious.

This is about more than $2,000 and that is being used not to pay me millions more and to allow many felons to go free.

Those I've named here.

Arizona was involved to assist as was Germany, Canada, Australia, etc...

Conceding defeat on this years ago and arresting those involved would have been wise, instead of killing me to let them go free. After robbing me blind for decades...

This was also premeditated and discussed back in 2003, it was known that NY State would do this and IRS would NOT.

This is built on the vanity of their other frauds, felonies and violent hate crimes done to me as well.

They know this is a lie and have all along.

This is being done now to save face and to hope to turn this into a deal where I accept some amount of blame, I will not do so.

This is purely ALL the State's fault and those it paid to harm me including Doug Golde, Eve Rothman, my Wife Heike Helga Jones/Berlind/Guggenmos, my parents and others they enlisted to botch up this murder and to rape of me as a child.