How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

New York State Goes Extinct -- How Suicide By Fraud Affects Those Living In Such States.

-- New York State Goes Extinct -- How Suicide By Fraud Affects Those Living In Such States --

We are not all in this together, there is no team with those who rape and murder their own friends and kids, NY does not speak for me or the other kids they buried in the corn fields, none of you need to support this crapola either.

An interesting pattern(s) develops....

New York is a fiat state in total. People are finding their children and wives are not safe there and that you can't possibly do business with them or in their State.

You have no tax base and no GDP and no jobs. Hence you get this.... You can't pay taxes to murdering pedophiles who arson homes, ruin their own buildings, and wreck your cars on the highways.

Police are attacking victims of crime and other people on the roads using shills and others in cars that appear as though normal citizens are doing this, etc. Insane!

Albany Tax is a fraud in total, akin to old ladies keeping pieces of napkins and paper receipts in shoe boxes, verabally abusing and lying to people they owe money to in order to compel their frauds and thefts moving forward. You can't invest, do business, or live and own property in NY with such a foundation of fraud. Impossible.

Other US States decided to employ New York's clever and barbaric tactics and got similar results......

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Sapporo Restaurant NYC

Jeremiah'S Vanishing New York A.K.A. The Book Of Lamentations: A Bitterly Nostalgic Look At A City In The Process Of Going Extinct

Sapporo Restaurant NYC