How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Niagara Mohawk And National Grid Form Death Trap In My Parent's Home In Wilson NY USA.

Pole Mounted Line Transformer

Niagara Mohawk, now National Grid, is directly involved in a death trap and murder plot in my parent's efforts to harm me. This transformer and the rest of the botched install is still present in their Wilson NY home today:

The other problem with my parent's home is the fact that Niagara Mohawk (Now National Grid), the electric utility provider in that area, did the service install wrong when my father built the home.

David Farley the dentist I mentioned, now living in Roanoke Virginia USA, is the son of Nancy and Donald Farley, friends and former neighbors of my parents on Washington Street in Wilson NY 14172 USA.

Donald Farley is likely retired now but worked as a lineman for Niagara Mohawk and he did this install. David worked for them over the summers doing meter reading.

The problem here is that they ran electric service, two phase, over 400 feet from the roadside pole back to my parent's new home adjacent to their driveway.

Terminating the line is a pole mounted line transformer, the cylindrical cans you see all over the place up on the service poles along the roads. They are over 18 inches in diameter and about 32 inches tall, packed full of magnetic core material and copper windings and some transformer dielectric oil.

We are the ONLY load, home, on this feed. That can't work. You need other homes (Loads) on that line to damp the switching of loads from our home. When we go to zero current consumption, the transformer will dump all the magnetic energy from the core back down the line to us.

The layman's analogy is called "flywheel effect".

You are storing a large amount of energy in the transformer as a kind of magnetic battery, and when you say you have had enough, go to zero current flow by breaking open a circuit breaker in a fault condition, or turn off a switch, the transformer says not yet, here is a lot more current and with it voltage rises way above line level of 120V.

The math is:
Voltage = Inductance x ( Delta ( Current ) / Delta ( Time ) )

So Inductance is very large, many Henry. Delta ( Current ) is large, many Amps to zero, and Delta ( Time ) is very small and close to zero.

This is why inductive loads are hard to switch since they store energy and have off unity power factors.

This was done intentionally and likely was done to harm me.

There were other odd behaviors and hopes to justify this to me and if you think you'd like a home that you need to turn the stove on before you safely turn off your TV then you likely are not just an Electrical Engineer like I am, you'd be insane.

I was about 14 years old when this mess was being installed and knew a little about this but not much, since I developed this hobby later when we finalized the home at 4483 East Lake Road Wilson NY 14172 USA.

My position was that you know this better than I do and tell me all the time I don't know what I am talking about so you are the experts.

Others agree with me that you are wrong.

This is why you are burning up switches, ruined a stove and two phase circuit breaker that melted in the panel in the basement, etc.

Television sets will be bad in this situation and breaking fault loads via breakers will be likely the worst problem since you will vaporize (Plasma, hot burning metallic gas) the internals of the breaker (And maybe the load) when you open them up.

The long axis of the parent's home has a steel I-Beam down the center of the home in the basement to support the floor section.

It is anchored on the West end of the home supported by the concrete wall of the basement.

For some reason they made the beam too short and the east end of it sits in free space supported only by jack posts.

Any seismic or other motion will tip this off the posts and the whole home will collapse into the basement.

I questioned this when we built but was told to shut up since I am just a kid.

The stunt with the wrongly designed I Beam not supporting the whole home could have killed ME at any time. Again this is his friends in the law playing games. I worked on my electronics lab in the basement ALL the time. When that house did collapse I'd be down there and it would be on my head. These people are garbage.

This is consistent with what Kenneth Morris Banks III alluded to in that most accidents happen in the home, as designed.

I guess I am just another accident.