How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Movies For Perverts - Hollywood Movies And Music Mocking The Child Atrocities.

Movies For Perverts:

Here is a new list of comments and images from movies, where I attempt to explain the specific portions of my vanity, and the vanity related to the child, and adult harms/crimes, done to me mostly in NY USA in Niagara County and Erie County.

I am doing this now as of February 2019 and I began to see this farther back around 2003 and later, and it was discussed with me earlier on than that by others who saw it. I pointed some of this out as I was making a recorded witness of events as I was able to recall them and my primary focus was on making that witness with the notion of getting back to working on looking at these movies and finding what I now see, as a LOT of very DEEP and INCRIMINATING sets of features that say this was done intentionally and has been ongoing for a long time.

Links To Pages:

01) Movies Mocking Medical Mayhem Via Child Harms

02) The Bourne Legacy 2012 - Matt Damon AKA Jason Bourne Pander On Vanity.

03) Salt 2010 & Angelina Jolie Pander On Child Rape And Torture Done To Me.

More to come...

Depeche Mode Just Can't Get Enough