How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Moral Debates Waste Blood

Being religious does not imply that a person is moral, even the participants who harmed me admitted that. Shills who claimed to be friends notably Doug Golde Jr said that.

Just because someone (in his case offering a hate group in lieu of faith) is religious doesn't mean they are a good person. As per Doug.

Problem for Doug Golde is he claims to be against abortion, pre marital sex, and divorce but in fact has sex with his girl Roxanne Ayers in my apartment he shares with me after conspiring with my parents and their cop friends in raping and murdering me as a child and adult. Odd what people say about their belief systems.

Knowing the difference and acting in denial of same would be one problem of being self aware, and then offering reliance on faith to get away with something that in all cases would mean you have no morality now.

You traded it away and likely after making a number of bad choices in a row means it is no longer up to you. Now it will be done to you.

Since you are making the choices to do wrong that says this is not subjective but objective. YOU decided that and then used someone else's bad faith to support it. Since they don't pay why would they pay you or for you?

It still comes back to the law. Break it and pay despite your faith or philosophy.

And for me fishing on people who are on the right side of right to make them look wrong and have this protect others who are wrong to the point of being reprehensible says maybe you need another plan.

Debating morally reprehensible in a legal system that says this could have you sit in the death chamber or electric chair might be a waste of time.

Having a bigger faster boat and more people on the wrong side and a bigger hook won't work either. Bigger lynch mobs may not help.

Some things are just plain.

I think as scientists and educators etc that trapping people who are already victims into morally ambiguous and disputatious predicaments is less then dishonest given you hope to convict them of minutiae and details while allowing larger problems and harms to go unrequited. This is practical wisdom.

Proportion and equity and priority. As well as premeditation etc in contriving "problems"....

A "fix" is also a slang term for a plan to obstruct justice relative to a victim to allow those who harmed them to go free.

They can work but often fail based on them being frauds and collusion.

Vanity ruins that also.


Point for me, and not sure we disagree, is that one needs to be careful with faith or religion AND philosophies that enable and rationalize and support reprehensible atrocities. Based on absolutes of moral ambiguity and clever legal wording snares.

Symmetry is another problem, making someone pay for something another person did while offering it would be free for them is another aspect.

Since someone decided to do it wrong then say it is free but then decide later to get it right by getting it wrong again says now it is not free?

Flip flops cross on who's version and flavor of moral it is....

And then taking "payment" in a way that you can not make it right for things that are easily resolved, as in knife in back vs lost wallet, your moral train wreck then falls off the cliff into the ravine ...

Then offering moral ambiguity on it says rotten apples.

And making no notion to associate the payment as being made and with one set of debts etc says you don't want to account for any of it. This is Albany New York's problem all along, they as bean counters can't count beans since they killed all the farmers who make them.

And went blind in the process and flushed their straw man down the crapper.

Since you made the moral call, did it wrong, now want to undo it and call it something else then offer it as being free while still causing harm..

This is the trap of that system of thought.

Burning down a guy's house since you are a fireman and you felt he is wrong about something puts you in a bad place morally and by that legally.

And now that you see him as right won't fix that soon.

And the other problem is why act when it is not your place to do so, morally perfect problems...

You need to watch out for absolutes in belief systems and you will lose the argument incrementally if you are not careful since the next bargains with the devil will be trickier and built on the last one(s).

For those in academia etc who'd do this it seems they'd want to take an innocent child and then torture and harm it ad infinitum in some pseudo religious and pseudo scientific endeavor to prove a moral conundrum, measure and or divine some or any God, and by that experiment on it to yield some result they could not admit they had.

Like firing a baby out of a Howitzer.

Since their witness is worth nothing given the bad science and non ethic involved, the result of all this would be null. And you can't discuss how you got there, how you constructed the experiment or made any measure of it.

They broke the law, morality problem solved.

Church and State's ultimate end game problem in their want to play God and by that hope to be God is the want to get involved in their own forms of "Resurrection".

In that we flatline people, that being kill them, and then compel some form of deal and negotiation for their lives and the want to reanimate them with a cost, being agree to agree with us moving forward or else.

Down side for you? Deals with people who are liars, felons, child rapists and homicidal/suicidal freaks is a waste of time.

They have no leverage nor do they have any legal foundations for their deals they made with you, or did to me.

Flatliners (1990)

Rubber checks will soon bounce. I won't be accepting one.

They made you a deal, put a gun to my head and promised to make me an offer I can't refuse. I refused.

I said go ahead and pull the trigger, you are going to shoot you in the head and sure enough. I put a gun to your head by having you do it to yourselves.

Touche again.

When you are done playing games let me know.

Moral debates waste blood.

And time is money and money is blood.