How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Mental Health Stigma Defenses

Here is a list of what I can think of as being defenses you may need to be aware of to counter mental health slurs assuming you've been harmed by medical quackery and specifically mental health agendas and harm.

You are going to need it since you will be maligned now in defense of the quacks who harmed you and they will involve others to discredit you using the typical and flawed approaches.

I will go out on a limb a bit and offer some advice here and I do feel it is accurate based on my experiences and how this kind of thing is slowly used to hogtie you.

I thank Dr. Harold Mandel, MD for his contribution to this effort and my feeling is, I won't speak for him, that he and others like him, expect those of us harmed to help by speaking out against this fraud. And it is a fraud. If he does all the talking then it looks bad, but again he can comment if he likes and I accept what he does as being in good faith and we go from there.

Those doing this will resort to violence, please take the time to read my pages to understand how and why, and those that speak against this may also suffer the same abuse.

Watch for specific plays on your vanity and offers that this is medical punishment for your sins, you don't deserve it. Reject that and walk away based on that alone. Look for rotations of vanity that toss someone else's vanity upon you, yours onto your attackers, or mixtures of vanity using colors, etc to do the same. Again this is a fraud and freak show directed at you to harm you. Numerology is part of that also and look for conjugations of your date of birth, omitting the first two digits, etc.

Also beware of other tactics such as gaslighting and the staging of props in the home etc.

Look for temporal distortions where harbingers of future harm to you have been dropped as hints even if you have to look back ten years or more. This is being done in order to cause you mental harm and physical harm, those doing this will plot their crimes well in advance as part of the God play that goes on and to make it seem "Natural" and cosmically motivated, it is not.

Media hoaxes are used in this way also, see again what was done to me and the use of media to tell lies about it calling it an accident.

Medicine compelled upon the threat of violence or in the wake of it, offering more harm and by that handicapping the victim and making him more vulnerable will not make the situation better. If you think that humbling yourself and offering you are a lamb to those doing this will help, then you are wrong. See how my father expected that of me my entire life and how his friends in the law and military used just that approach to compel cooperation for more harm to come.

Reject that. Since you have a right not to be harmed this way and to be as healthy and strong as you can humanly be. Watch out for others who are around you who are in fact sick in the head who offer they can read your mind, predict your future, and know all about you without ever meeting you. This is God play and it does go on.

Doctors use shills in the law to attack you and to send you to them to use this solution, it does happen believe it or not. Look again at what was done to me, the State did this. And it is some of the worst violence you can do to a child. You need to stand against it.

Watch out for bargains where they trade two or more wrongs for making it right, as in if you cooperate we will stop harming you even though we don't admit harm. This approach also offers shame and blame and stigma for you, reject that until convicted of a crime and been heard by a jury. If the State is harming you this way then you have won already, accept it and make them pay for it. Demand due process and get it.

Be wary of approaches that mix faith, religion, spirituality, law, and medicine since this will be no more than sophistry, occult and God play and the want to convict you at a new level. There is no proof your doctor can read your mind nor can the Police and they will not act on the fact you feel badly to condemn and punish you now medically. Reject that bad faith and any Church setting that compels, endorses, relies upon, or preaches it. Walk away while you still can.

Their faith denies their law, their faith denies their medicine, their faith denies their faith, their medicine denies their law, their medicine denies their faith, their medicine denies their medicine, their law denies their faith, their law denies their medicine, and their law denies their law since they have no proof, no witness, and deny each and all by it.

Accept the fact and read the articles and I will post links again, where the medical doctors who contrived these illnesses admit later they are a fraud. Specifically ADHD and Bipolar Disorder are the two catch all disesases that doctors use to trap people they prefer not to hear witness from.

Be aware and watch for approaches that replace injury with illness and why that is done. For instance discussions with a younger man on a bus about his baby brother who is being treated as mentally ill. I probed further and was told the boy was injured at birth, cranially, by a negligent doctor. Now they are treating him psychotropically as being mentally ill without owning the injury. I said hogwash, they harmed the kid and won't pay for it and he is not mentally ill he is brain damaged. The person telling me this was dumbfounded since I am betting he and the other care givers for his brother were 'brain washed" by the medical communities who did this. He knew I was right, and it does matter. Since he will never get well this way.

Watch out for back door solutions that say we are treating this on the sly using nuerotoxins like Lithium and the rest, since if you are not admitting there is injury then you are not treating for it and making it well and better. Adding poison does not help.

Reject the stigma and place the blame on the medical experts. They are humans and can be wrong. Make them own it and feel no shame for you.

If you feel worse off your medication that I will admit you likely never needed, then you have new injury, understand it and learn of natural ways to remedy it. Eat better, get more proteins, rest more, get more exercise, allow yourself to feel and express emotions, cry a lot, that does help since it forces you to heal. Don't allow others to judge you for being sick, since you are really a victim of a crime now. This is not medicine, it is abuse and is not border line violence it is violent.

Harming someone with a pill is violent.

Reject others who arrive to say they are new experts and can do the same impossible task, not know anything about you and just by looking at you offer a diagnosis you are mentally ill. Others including club Mom will do just that and expect all of you to just shut up and take your "meds". Using the word "meds" by Club Mom makes them seem like your mother, reject that, and that they are experts now too, reject that also.

Medical providers who did this to me admitted just that, they don't know what they are doing and they are dispensing poison. That ends it for me and you also. They also claimed to do the impossible and that being provide a diagnosis of a chronic disorder without knowing anything about me or meeting me once ever. This is an apriori defense and motive later for their want to know I was being harmed at home and on the job and the fact they don't need to meet me to cover it up and lie about it. In that they did the wrong thing at the wrong time, too early and too late on all of it. I may need to explain that more but I am betting you can see what I mean. In that they defend in advance the fact they know they are a fraud and you are a victim of State crime and then pretend they don't know you. They incriminate them on what they know and can't know and when.

Read my notes about my witness against my doctors and see how that fits with your case and how you are mistreated here.

Ask me questions since I don't mind talking to others about this. This is the real me and I don't worry about reprisal, you can be anonymous or use a shill account I don't care, just don't abuse me and I will offer to help, simple really.

If you feel badly about you and feel a need to fix it this way, I'd reject that, they will use this against you, they will mix it with other things not your fault, that is called a screw, ask prison guards about that approach, and it can work. I'd say fix what is wrong in your life or own what you do as being ok and don't let others judge you who don't know you and move on.

This medicine does not work and you have a right to reject it. I would do so. Otherwise it likely will kill you and those doing it are ok with that.