How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Medical Movie Mayhem - Mockery Made Of Child Torture And Murder Done To Me.

Medical Movie Mayhem:

Dr. Castle DDS was my dentist as a child and my parents took me to him all the time for cleanings and drillings for no good reason.

This is part of their "Keeping Up Appearances" show thanks to General Motors, good health insurance for pedophiles, so they can seem like good parents with their outward offers of good faith via quackery.

Dr. Castle DDS had offices here at 160 East Avenue Lockport NY 14094 USA:

All my molars and those adjacent to them are drilled to the sides for no reason, I never had ONE cavity or need to drill any teeth at all.

I have a mouth full of teeth drilled for profit and out of MALICE and perversion !

As Dr. Castle DDS would do things such as drill the teeth for no reason, without sedating me at all, no anesthetic, he'd poke into the heart of the tooth with picks, shove hypodermic needles into the roof of my mouth and soft palate, he would become sexually aroused and then go masturbate in the men's bathroom in his office building.

At one point he began to drill through the FRONT of one of my incisors leaving a small perfectly round dimple in the front of the tooth.

The Amherst Dental Group DDS who found the problems with the molars also spotted that right away and said that does not belong there. And that was done with a dental drill. So he knew of this before I could recall all of it as I do now. This was found out circa 1993 when I changed to this Buffalo area dentist and no longer used Dr. Castle and the last time I saw Dr. Castle was well before I was attacked in 1981. So Amherst Dental Group's Dr. Shinebrown found this right away and discussed it with me.

I was pandered to this DDS by my parents for financial and other reasons it seems.

I now see how these two movies, among many others, pander on the vanity of this problem and it is too specific to this set of events. There are more.

During one event with Dr. Castle DDS I was actually thrown out of the office since he did not feel I was suffering enough or would not give him any satisfaction for the fact he was harming me.

The braces were not needed at all nor did they need to remove the 4 pre-molars they claimed needed to go to install the braces.

This set of scenes from Litle Shop Of Horrors 1986 along with the scenes from Marathon Man 1976 are almost "Verbatim" scenarios from the actual events as done to me as a child in Lockport NY USA. Including the use of the bottle of Clove Oil as Dr. Castle also did when drilling the front of the tooth.

Marathon Man (1976)

Dustin Hoffman Marathon Man Dustin Hoffman Marathon Man

Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

Bill Murray

Steve Martin Bill Murray Little Shop Of Horrors Steve Martin Bill Murray Little Shop Of Horrors Steve Martin Bill Murray Little Shop Of Horrors Steve Martin Bill Murray Little Shop Of Horrors Steve Martin Bill Murray Little Shop Of Horrors Steve Martin Bill Murray Little Shop Of Horrors