How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

The Medical Lynch Mob.

So the rest of the quacks who partook in the lynch mob are:

J Michael Collard DDS
2690 Sheridan Dr, Tonawanda, NY 14150
(716) 876-8136

Managed to stab me in the shoulder by dropping a dental pick when I made a joke about my retainer. Poked into one of my few remaining good teeth, a molar or adjacent one and said you have a cavity there, or you will have one later.

So far after 21 years he is still wrong and that tooth is fine. He pierced it with the pick hoping to ruin the enamel. Similar to what the female hygienist did at Amerhst Dental Group who ruined the side of one of my molars intentionally. Shinebrown admitted he knew she did this and that there was something wrong with my fillings saying he'd never seen anything so drastic and wrong. And that he would take photos and pursue it.

Dr. John Argue - Our family doctor and local town of Wilson Quack. Loved to rub in the fact he was rich and collected cars with the money he stole from the local idiots who went to him. Almost killed me by shoving a 2 foot long large bore hypodermic full of cortisone behind my kneecap and into an inflamed tendon and hitting it. This was just prior to the attack in summer of 1981. He later said to me when I woke up in the ER at Newfane Hospital, he was rather callous about the whole thing and evasive, he wanted to ask me what happened instead of telling me I had been cut. Since I did not remember it he said in that case you had an accident. Argue is now deceased, Town of Wilson still maintains a shrine in his honor and ignorance.

Dr. David E. Denzel - Admitted to me that they measured to make these cuts. It takes about an inch per year he said. Also said he went on a fishing expedition to locate the nerve endings making the larger gash in my arm, cut till you find what you want. Credentialed from UB Med.

Orthopedic Surgery, Board Certified Male, Age 78, Graduated 1959, State University of New York At Buffalo
7125 Northledge Dr Lockport, NY 14094
(716) 433-5176 (Office)

Dr. Ritzenthaler - Admitted to me in the Summer of 1981 that they had been harmful to me. He was sullen and withdrawn. Around this time or later he also lost three of his kids in a boating accident in Lake Ontario. He was my Orthodontist and that of the Farleys also. Credentialed from UB Med Dentistry.

James Ritzenthaler, DDS Ritzenthaler & Cavallari
130 Professional Pkwy
Lockport, NY 14094-5368
Phone: (716) 433-3883 Fax: (716) 434-1717

Dr. Oscar Lopez - Said to me that no harm will come to me, implied by asking where my degree was from that I'd be offered some kind of deal for something and took us down the inappropriate road we went again with this version of quackery. He then passed me off on his fellow quack, Raghu.

230 Bewley Building, Lockport, NY 14094
Male, Age 77, Graduated 1960, University Of The Philippines Manila, College Of Medicine

Niagara Frontier Psychiatric Associates
230 Bewley Building
Lockport, NY 14094
(716) 204-9876 (Office)

Dr. Bellamkonda Raghu - Raghu took over and then added more harmful medications with his invented diagnosis now of bipolar disorder and he had to have known about the violent harm caused me. He admitted he could dispense medicine or poison, and even told my wife how she could add this toxin to food or drink and I'd not know it was there and that he could offer me a placebo. This went on like this for some time and it seems he knew all along there was no merit to his mode of treatment. He did as all others did, cover for my attackers and compel me to remain in their care.

Male, Age 65, State University of New York At Buffalo
20 Bewley Pkwy Lockport, NY 14094

Brylin Behavioral Health Center
531 Farber Lakes Dr
Williamsville, NY 14221
(716) 632-5450 (Office)

Dr. Edward Stehlik - My primary care doctor recommended by Mike Scheuneman's wife Trish (Patricia) Sheldon who used to work for him. Stehlik's office later gave me a hard time about who is going to pay for (The care they claimed to offer needy people for free) the visit to discuss compensation claims and my injuries. I explained that they all are related and each of those parties is at fault. Efforts to discuss the poisoning event by my wife had Patty the head nurse there claim this is between me and my wife, odd that. And efforts to discuss the knife wounds had her slam closed her chart and then say our meeting was over. She claimed I am being paranoid simply because I wanted to discuss knife wounds. How lame is that?

Male, Age 61, Graduated 1977,
Tufts University School Of Medicine

Northtown Medical Group, PC
1783 Colvin Blvd Buffalo, NY 14223
(716) 218-3887

Dr. Fred Piwko - My primary care physician after Stehlik. Piwko harmed me with an immunization just before my wife made her nearly fatal attack on June 06, 2003. I have to think these were done together in that they used one to cover for the other and the harms were overlapped and intentional. This is my father's doctor and he suggested I see Fred, a bad idea I now learn. My father is not on my side and neither is Fred.

Male, Age 42, Graduated 1996,
State University of New York At Buffalo
3976 Lockport Olcott Rd Suite C
Lockport, NY 14094
(716) 439-4248 (Office)

Dr. Aaron Pfalzer - I went to him again at the Millard Fillmore Suburban ER around 10/2004 with ongoing complaints about the damage Heike had done. He became defensive, implied why did I wait this long, this was already discussed is my position but he made that excuse also, he really was hostile and evasive as was the discharge nurse, they made a number of prejudicial and misleading statements in the medical records that implied he was acting in a vigilante capacity and justified that by slamming my character with them. And denied me treatment again. Some odd remark about the colors being cooler etc that I never said. All in all a fraud justified by retaliation and denial of treatment offering I deserved this since I did something wrong. Which is not true.

Emergency Medicine, Board Certified Male, Graduated 2001, State University of New York At Buffalo
3 Gates Cir Suite 190 Buffalo, NY 14209

Dr. Jeffrey Moldovan - I saw him in the UPMC Horizon ER in Greenville, PA June 09, 2003 after Heike had poisoned me. They did blood work and a CT Scan and saw the damage, Moldovan commented that this would knock my socks off, that I had some kind of ear condition I forgot the name of it (Labyrinthitis) and he prescribed Meclizine or Antivert. In reality I had been all but fatally poisoned and they knew that and sent me on my way.

110 N. Main St.
Greenville, PA 16125 724-588-2100

Family Practice, Board Certified Male,
Age 52, Graduated 1989,
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Michael Mogerman - Mogerman attempted to cover for his associate Raghu after Heike poisoned me in Summer of 2003. They tried to claim that there still was no violent harm and they still attempted to compel me to take psychotropic medications even with brain damage as was done. This was beyond wrong and they knew it, this was done to make them look right and it ended up covering for her harm. Heike did this, left me to die as she vacationed for three weeks with her parents in Murrhardt Germany and then came back to find me alive and she dumped me into the Buffalo General ER with the claim I had some kind of breakdown.

Board Certified Male, Age 57,
Tel Aviv University / Sackler Faculty of Medicine

Northtowns Psychiatry
479 Englewood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14223

Northtowns Psychiatry
479 Englewood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14223
(716) 831-9030 (Office)

It is looking like Lopez, Erkilla, Raghu, Mogerman and the rest are splitting up and this is done to deceive but they all still work together.

David Farley also lived near us on Washington Street in Wilson NY and went to my high school. He is part of the cabal of people who harmed me as a child and their church was involved also.

David W. Farley, D.D.S.
5002 Brambleton Ave.
Roanoke, VA 24018
Phone: 540-774-6667

I'd have to add my other High School friend Dr. Laurence E. Fried at LLNL. Since his mother worked at the hospital where I was admitted in summer 1981 as the head nurse, I have to blame them for this also. Larry's wife Sheri L. Southworth commented when I visited them in Livermore CA at their home at 1386 Kathy Court how I was not to get my hopes up since she "Burned" the garlic bread and asked Larry later to show me where the laundry is. Meaning basically Helpee Selfee. They were very callous to the harm caused me and for those who would be friends. This is also looking like a form of non compete arrangement where you have families attack other kids to help their kids get ahead. As is done in the Texas Cheerleader case and with the skaters etc.