How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Marching Polygons

Interesting concept that and I see that with the felons who harmed me and their State "Sponsors", they blindly look to follow inversions of vanity based on the vanity of the crimes and that of their victims..... and seem to march as some form of collective mindless automaton.

They appear to invent themselves as martyrs on the vanity of their victims and cause self harm and self sacrifice in doing so.

Much of the behavior is of course scripted and planned in advance and shared among the participants, and harbingers of it are "seeded" unto their victim who's lives they place themselves into to interlope... shills.

Notions of denial of self and the rest appear to come into play along with a notion of vows of poverty and suffering...

Where I am supposed to sacrifice myself to please and protect a number of felons larger than me being one...