How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Luke Warm Faith Non Healing. How Jesus Screws Up Medicine.

I wish I could find it, someone had a table that listed the top ten or so indicators of a fallen democracy based on repeats of bad history as we know it. But the one point in it was excessive nationalism to which to my knowledge Germany has laws against today.

I see a lot of America getting offered as a narcotic where people are running around in a frenzy hyping all there is good about this place and not wanting to enforce the law here or worry about anything domestic in nature only the want to eradicate terror in the East and from the Muslim world etc. If you are not on board waving the flag 24/7 then you get steamrolled by the non stop marketing of America that is ongoing here and now. It reminds me of Nazi Germany in fact. They push way too hard on it. Your myopic patriotism that precludes you from finding and removing faults is a large problem that says your State wants to get away with murder and you just need to be ok with all that goes on even when they won't own most of it, or some of it, as was done to people like me who just accidentally got sick and also had an accident where they woke up with knife wounds. Seems odd and cheap from the outside. For me it is something more personal and obvious.

I also have a problem with the hype hoopla and influence the Jesuits are getting especially in Arizona where you decide to wed the Church and State now. It seems you are there anyway but just decided to make it official says Brewer. Of course the Nazis were Christians, likely Lutherans. And maybe you can name other criminals who hide behind a Bible to make sense of all that for you, hard to know.

Now what? Going to torture all of us kids since we fell asleep in the pew again? We had a dirty thought? Or that you made the bad choice of crucifying me as an infant and by that tossing your perfect God and martyr in the trash by the obvious logic that says since you waited till he was 33 to kill him, must be he has nothing to offer me. You got it.

I already paid and sending me another bill that for you is free won't fix it anew. See Jesus is a sham of legal and logical loopholes that a bunch of clever crooks are visiting upon you and calling God and State. From my treatment this is what you are doing and did.

I maintain my right not to suffer your religions and paranoid lunacy that makes it the superstition that it is and the right for you to harm me even as a child as you did. I don't have to be ok with it since you and they broke the law. That ends it.

The State here has no claim against me, and its actions are not defensible and they can not force or compel me to be ok with any of it. Now they send Jesuit shills to parrot the same line of defense that allows them to break the law, blame Satan or some other vapor, and by that get the Church and State off the hook with the Lord's all good way. Doesn't work.

You violate your own scripture and teachings to do that, and even admit in your own sermons you can not do that which you can not get in front of the whole church and admit you did. And it is against the law since the cops sitting in pew 81 would accept your confession and arrest you on the spot for 1/2 of this to begin with.

For me your doctors are getting into God play, and by that wants to do less to treat victims of Church and State crime but rather hope to allow God to fix it lest someone have to account for the forensic value of the wounds. You and they want to restore Jesus into the souls of people who mock him and torture his kids and then have the victim suffer that anew in their want to invoke some magic to claim you are still a child of Jesus even though there is NO God in your home and never was. Again done to repair that damage to the reputation and the illusion of your law, your Jesus and your State. This was done to me and part of how and why.

Replace harm and injury with illness, remove ethic and method and diagnosis and treatment, replace with superstition, belief, faith and let the body heal itself and call it God. Etc. This was done to help the State and the Church.

Again done to restore Jesus as top dog. The Church has been around for a long time and when you attempt to murder a child and abuse him or her, they for sure have a whole plan they put into place to fix that mess for them. Jesus needs a crutch now and part of that is to allow killers like my wife who never was to have a snoot full of devil so you can blame it on more gas. Bullshit.

Truth be known I wanted to believe in your Church. It can't be. I wanted to believe in your Country, it can't be. You ruined that and for my family? I am dead to you since you killed me and your image by me.

You know this to be true. And have for a LONG time.