How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Kosmic Tactics

Right.... reliance on fraud, sleight of hand, sophistry, occult, emotion, specious logic, and the rest including numerology.

With offers of repayment down the road.

Part of that is shaming you with their foolishness and murder for hire.

A trap.

Once you go there to learn and understand their systems of belief, I was asked to leave Church after suffering years of verbal abuse and more at their hands again, including violence on old violence I was lied to about.... they denied faith once more, they later come back to shame you for going to begin with.

Again a shame trap.

Point is they install one fraud with ALL others in the want to have you accept parts of the faith which are of merit.

Akin to pork barrel lobbying.

Or maybe a straw man...

Point is you install unrelated nonsense on the back of reasonable offers of logic.

And then the expectation to hide behind and rely upon decorum, the overt manifestations of confidence and demeanor and expectations of us to suffer atrocities and infuriating violence and harm for no good reason other than to be happy about it and remain silent.

Con men. Facade. As long as you don't sweat.

So now that is "God's way and mighty sword upon thee" since it is free.

Blame the victim.