How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Kosmic Fraud Fugues

Kosmic Fraud Fugues -- Integrated sophistry and specious frauds used to enact this set of homicides and medical mayhems to my person, property, and finances.

Mental Health

1) This was used or invented to snipe at and soil my character.

2) Compelled via drugging, deprivation harms, and torture and murder.

3) Overall a fraud that does not exist.

4) Replacement of injury with illness and assigns blame to victim.

5) Medical records proved and showed death events and abuse by parents.

6) Law has knowledge and partook.

7) Medical providers can not distinguish cause and effect and illness vs injury.

8) Medical providers must know of and did know of violent harms and death.

9) They were obligated to report such felonies.

10) They were obligated to report such felonies to me personally.

11) They DID NOT DO SO.

12) This suppressed witness, enabled more harm and murder, and was obstruction.

13) Invent/Fabricate faux illness in order to self prove or self validate.

Jesuit Faith And Church

1) Faith by Church says this is all free so why pay?

2) Ends up being a circle of self referential logic.

3) With this you conspire in murder of innocent man of your volition.

4) You accept this somehow as payment for your sins which would be free.

5) This leads to same for crimes since they are one and same largely.

6) Jesus was allowed and given the chance to flee his murder and death.

7) Pilate said so and spoke to others who he implored not to do this.

8) Point is that Jesus refused and this is now murder via suicide.

9) Jesus largely then killed himself. Needlessly.

10) Jesus acted to end his life which was needed in order to make himself a martyr, impossible really. But in his mind the death was payment for you. It is not.

11) Offers now that Jesus pays for you and suffers for you, false.

12) Compel victims to forgive with no closure, obstruction and blame victim.

13) Advocacy of lawlessness. Vatican confirms this today.

14) Akin to a treasure hunt in reverse. Mystique and intrigue and ancient riddles.

15) Invent/Fabricate faux chaos in order to self prove or self validate.



1) Police want to now blame and defer to higher power, that being God.

2) They conspire and did many of the crimes in person.

3) Overall they play God in some cosmic fraud and offer of bad luck.

4) Rely again or defer to Church and their non solution.

5) Church conspires.

6) Use and compel homelessness to install again and force a non solution.

7) That being forgive and let all guilty go free.

8) Presents new conflicts of interest and admits guilt.

9) I do not jump through hoops to sate your want to appear diligent in your acts.

10) Due diligence is a facade.

11) Denials of service and conflicts of interest along with compelled non service.

12) State sponsored meddling, harassment, stalking, and homicide.

13) State admits guilt and that they are too busy avoiding/tracking their crimes.

14) State enables frauds including adaption of misleading dialog, refusal to serve.

15) Adds reversals, blame victim, hope to remove profit or offer Zero sum.

16) Trap door of support and offers of State where there is none.

17) Invent/Fabricate faux crime in order to self prove or self validate.