How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Kandid Kapers

Kandid Police State Kapers:

Failure modes for Godplay dramas in USA -

1) Vanity.

Share vanity of prior atrocity done to victim and reconstruct scenarios to reverse cause and effect and now blame victim. Offer kosmic support and divine intervention.

2) Premeditation.

Contrive situations in advance and offer harbingers unto victim as you victimize them anew.

3) Hasty Determination.

Too quick getting it wrong, too slow getting it right. Always avail yourselves not of the option to be wrong but that you are perfect in all you do. Incapable of error or wrongdoing. US Police State paradigm #1.

4) Knowing Too Much.

Proves information share and premeditation.

5) Cognizance of Guilt.

Adaptive dialogs and synoptic avoidance of crimes.

6) Overly Attentive.

Focus on wrong person, other issues and persons yield answers.

7) Situations Contrived To Mislead.

Blame victim 100% of time for all.

8) Done To Support Apriori Predetermined Fallacious Results.

Support harms as being punitive with proof via demonstration. Contrive and fabricate.

The Hateful Eight.

The problem is that the State is doing this in cooperation with the Church and other felons and overall the violence and perversion is what ends it for you as does the harm of children.

Beyond that it now looks like your State leaders such as Governors Andrew Cuomo in NY and Jan Brewer in AZ and even Obama are offering Treason and Sedition via their acts of murder and other admissions of guilt in the want to weaken the nation this way. These people are traitors. Wedding State and Church does same.

They divide you constantly, with the want to advocate lawless behaviors, celebrate enable and otherwise compel same, the want to nullify the US Constitution as Bush and others do, and the want to install them and the Church as being a higher power.

Church is wrong, and State is wrong and you don't want Jesus running your country.

In my mind Vatican and these leaders and their biased and illegal views are out of business.

Beyond that you as Americans have no culture of your own, you celebrate failure as success, and atrocity as good and do so even in your accepted holiday rituals when in fact these are all shameful acts.

Where is your contrition?

Where is the higher power the Police want to pass the buck onto when they get trapped since they think they are God?

Seems like a large task to adopt?

Creators of the Universe?