How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Judge Letter Regarding Nullification.

I wanted to follow up with you regarding a number of violent felonies against my person and property being a life long resident of Erie and Niagara Counties where these events transpired, and they did so in the witness of you and your Police these past 5 decades.

I now learn my parents are abusive and violent pedophiles who engaged in the creation and distribution of child pornography using my sister and I as child stars.

Your Police and Clergy took part in these crimes and abuse of Jennifer and I.

My father's friends in the law, NY State Trooper Joe Steblein, and Niagara County Sheriff Deputy Gary Hacker assisted him in the building of his home at 4483 East Lake Road in Wilson NY and conspired in these crimes.

Other Police assisted in making this mess what it is today.

My parents are documented abusers and did a number of violent things to me as a child and later as I became an adult, including attempting to take my life as an infant and other atrocities and at other times.

In the summer of 1981 I was violently attacked and vivisected with a knife in an impromptu surgical party and lynch mob that I was led to via my "friend" Doug Golde. My left arm was vivisected with a knife to sever my ulnar nerve. Your Police and Firemen in Wilson NY made that happen and this was done in the Wilson NY Ambulance.

I woke in the hospital in Newfane and was told I had a car accident. This was a lie. I now recall what really happened.

A front page article in the Lockport Union Sun Journal cited an "Early Morning Church Arrival" with the claim I had crashed my car into the Church on the corner of Young and McChesney Streets in Wilson NY. This is a fraud and fabrication.

I now learn from others in the area that this never happened and these are knife wounds. I confirm that with my witness now also.

You knew all that.

I have been before you and your peers numerous times since 1977.

I suffered permanent injury and harm and decades of agony from this ONE event in 1981, there are many more, before and after 1981.

My father admits all this now after my wife failed in her effort to take my life June 06, 2003.

I paid risk pool insurance rates, paid medical bills and was required to have needless surgery to repair the ulnar damage, and was later sued by the Lutheran Church in Wilson who conspired in the attack.

The fraud and hate crimes take on a new level now.

A 1972 Pontiac Luxury LeMans was stolen in that felony and via Wilson's Town "Justice" William Ganshaw who conspired in the lynch mob and child harm to me. Ganshaw was a Fireman in Wilson, Our Nationwide Insurance Agent, Town Justice, and a fellow worker with my father at Harrison Radiator in Lockport NY. Obvious conflicts of interest.

This was a planned event.

My mother and father conspired in that.

My father conspired in other issues using his friends in the Law to do so and that includes traffic stops and the rest that took place when I was a young driver living at home and later in Erie County.

This includes a number of arsons of local homes in the Wilson NY area that could only be characterised as violent hate crimes that YOU support him in today.

You perpetrated a marital fraud in 1995 and other frauds at other times including the use of shills who would be friends, such as Doug Golde, et al, who worked with Social Services and the Police in your area to obstruct justice related to the felonies that nearly succeeded in ending my life.

The marital fraud to a German National, Heike Helga Guggenmos/Berlind/Jones DOB 01/01/1963 US SSN 042-84-4676 is looking to be designed to euthanize me informally and covertly. I was attacked again post murder attempt in 2005 in Germany while I attempted to work despite the injury sustained from Heike's efforts to end my life.

This now was done to protect her.

Not everyone who comes before you owes you something.

I am clearly one such person.

Your Police have nullified their witness and have done so for a long time and likely have done so since I was a child.

The State entered into a pattern of behaviors including fraud and other crimes to cover for this fact and the harms.

These crimes include but are not limited to the marital fraud, the child harms and rape, the hate crimes in 1981, and the following:

In the case of a traffic stop in Fort Niagara Park summer 2004 by the NY State Park Police, the officer indicated to me he had knowledge of the knife wounds and attack in 1981. And then implied I had something in the car to "hurt myself" with. This clearly is a fraud and collusion in and with violent hate. He knew better than to say that.

This was a clever trap since I needed to drive into the park to read the sign that said the park is now closed, he felt a need to charge me with a misdemeanor anyway given the fact I did not know that. It seems excessive and unreasonable and wanting to compel a relation with him I don't want or need. He never does anything for me.

It is also opportunism to obstruct related to the other violent felonies, who's fault is that? His and yours.

I was waiting for you and he to prosecute my attackers. And still am, this is now 2014. Ten years later.

In early 2003 I was stopped at night by a NY State Trooper on East Canal Road in Lockport. He actually waited to stop me so I had to appear in Pendleton Town Court and not Lockport for some reason and he set up shop on this piece of road just for me.

There would be no other reason to be there at night during the week since nobody travels that way ever.

This was done using my wife to harm me at home and to force me from the home at that time. She colluded with the Police to make this work.

She did the same thing other times and my parents would also be guilty of this clever trick also.

To that, the wife and other shills conspired in efforts to cause harm, acted with the police to fine me for moving violations, and cover for other police crime including having a female Amherst Police officer back her marked APD Crown Victoria into the side of my parked 1987 Chevy S10 Pickup truck NY tag CL8036 outside Heike and my duplex at 182 Berehaven Drive Right Amherst NY 14228.

Heike came home later and duplicated the behavior (using her red 1991 Mazda Protege NY plate F7C 603) of the APD officer to cover for her, I witnessed BOTH events and saw the damage was caused by the APD Crown Victoria. This is felony hit and run.

No lights, no hurry, she backed out like some old lady, pushed the truck up on 2 wheels, hence SUNY Buffalo CEDAR's David Bartnik's comment "Joey Chitwood". She saw she had backed into the truck then hunkered down as if to say, oh damn I hope nobody saw me there.... I stood in the front window of our duplex at 182 Berehaven Drive and saw the whole thing. The truck was pristine before she hit it.

This indicates the femme fatale of a wife conspired with your criminals who pretend to be Police. They shared information and she covered for them and then harmed me to conspire with them.

You are going to pay for this.

Why are these people not being prosecuted and why are they being protected by blaming and harming the victim?

When are you going to pay me instead of sending me another bill to make it right?

Where does this end?

You can not take money for this at this point and your debt to me is permanent:

This went on too long and you've wasted 11 more years doing nothing since I've been witnessing and we have been in court on it all.

This would be collusion to profit from this.

You have no witness and nullified it long ago.

This is a fraud and fabrication.

It is blood money and profit from violent felonies and child harms of me.

These lesser concerns are far eclipsed by your debts to me and the atrocities you've allowed and committed against my person.

You are too busy looking for a way out of it instead of a way to solve it.

And you agreed to share a prejudice which admits I am immune and Stateless. You treat me as such.

And you broke the laws in and out of your courts and agreed to do so. You can not have it both ways.

You are a mafia by that now.

These people, police and your judges and courts are felons by that and have no witness.

I can't pay you for lesser concerns when you directly participate in felonies and larger concerns against my person and/or allow others to break the law to harm me, in your witness, then expect the hide behind the law to make me pay for it.

Again, you have nullified your witness by the number of felonies against my person you have allowed and engineered, you planned these, and the length of time this has gone on and the child harms in which the State has participated in.

Not all who come before you owe you something, I am one person who does NOT.

I won't be treated this way.

Don't preach to me about the law.

You took advantage of my ignorance and my innocence and then my youth and of your position and trust and the people.

You are a criminal and a judge of nothing and of no one.

And you agreed to share and act on a prejudice which is against the law, denial of service, and collusion with the crimes against me, contempt of your own courts.

You knew this was coming and by that admit you are a criminal. Your defenses and share of prejudice prove that now.

At a minimum you have a contractual obligation to perform and your acts of omission and delay alone (not to mention acts of commission) hold all contracts and your witness null and void by that.

Your obligation is inviolable.

Terry Jones