How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Jesus The Numerical Wiz

It really is more like shooting people with real bullets and then debating that they were actually shot.

This is numerology and occult which is basically superstition and does nothing to validate the Jesuit faith at all. It really only serves to discredit it.

Odd how the Vatican and Christian Church likes to claim they are a "higher power", engage in God play with Police/Military and State and when cops get in trouble then they run to Jesus to get away with it all. None of what they say is legal or would be used to support breaking of the law, ever.

The result is this is a Kosmic Fraud with the want to surround their victims in this set of faux miracles they invent in order to have the Church own all the truth in the universe.

In other words they swindle you with information share, stalking behaviors, rumor and fear mongering, character assassination, etc. A bunch of hearsay and innuendo etc done to imply that "God is watching you" and "God speaks to us and we know all about you.." Creepy...

People rely on citing the "history" of the faith and of Jesus and none of that matters since the logic and other frauds including the acceptance of murder of an innocent to pay for you via proxy and your collusion with a homicide defeat Jesuit faith in total.

These people rely on convicting you of your lack of faith, of your want to see your harms made right, and their other offers they are above it all. Crapola.

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