How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Jesus Screws

Had these thoughts related to non Jesuit funerals and the like:

It is kind of a screw and you see same behaviors with Christians and Police in USA.

So they transfer their dysfunction unto or upon you.

So they reverse cause and effect and symptom and problem.

Onus to perform or negligence of others becomes your obligation to fix. Where there is none. I am UNDER NO obligation as a victim at all in the USA AND I have A RIGHT to be free from ALL religions or to practice any as long as laws are not broken.

Their wrongful or inappropriate acts become your obligation to endure or suffer or tolerate.

Not doing so says something is wrong with you, etc. As per them.

Or they get you to feel badly about something else and then push some other fraud into your head.

If you pay attention you will see this ongoing. Right...

This is maybe not a good time to compel people into some kind of faith. Problem two here....

Predate upon the weak or suffering. Right again...


Warning from warriors of old?

Never underestimate your opponent or assume a friend is not one.

These people are effective at causing you and others harm(s).

And they will get right thinking people and others to do their dirty work and heavy lifting for them if possible.

Right again, one does not preclude the other.

Organized religion is really the problem here and Church has done many wrongs to others.

Arriving at these moments to victimize victims is bad faith....

Even spirituality and especially spirituality along with love takes logic and reason to manage....

This is my point.

Points I take from that are:

If you had wanted a Jesuit ceremony you'd have done so.

They could have done that on your behalf in private, no point making a wailing wall to make their prayers known to men...

I could also be accused of invading your funeral(s) but again you seemed willing to share it now in public and engage dialogs and seem to want to understand why Christianity is wrong so I went with it.

This gets into a bogus marriage that Church compelled on me covertly to help Church and State and how Police and others retaliated for the fact I might mock their deaths as such once I learned how they harmed me as a child and supported crimes such as murder and atrocities done to me.

Akin to admitting they have a kid problem on it all by pushing on the vanity of that.... predictive vanity once more. And mocks of me once more.

They arrived at funerals and disrespected me, Heike was a Lutheran and lied to me about that and kept it from me, etc.

Same thing really, if you wanted a Church funeral then have one.

Problem for Jesuits is their offer your blood is worth nothing and they feel the death of an innocent pays for them.

Murder by proxy essentially which is used to demean life and death, theirs and yours....

Even Bible says do that in private to avoid this....