How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Jesus Says Why Hide

Patrick Ross

"It's said, An atheist can't find God for the same reason a thief can't find a policemen. 'They avoid the obvious."

Drake McDonagh "Atheists do hide from GOD"

You could not say that.

No point hiding from something that one admits is not there.

Church does crime and admits a God just that they don't account for acts in his witness...

You'd be wrong both of you.

Based on atrocity and child harms done to me I was asked to leave the Church.

Not sure, did you have an escape capsule for me and idea where I reside to avoid your God?


Sophist and inaccurate.

The Church can't find the Police since they are both felons and accusers, thieves and child rapists lest they each convict and accuse each other and themselves.

Now they and you engage in a fatal embrace to argue over who has more power, Police won't account to God and God won't account to Police for the fact they harmed children...

Why accuse your victims who reject your crimes and your dogma since they had the poor taste of having someone else revive them from your last homicide?

No point accusing all atheists as being criminals since they don't advocate that and protect felons as Church does and Police who also do crimes and atheists largely just reject your faith as it is.

Which anyone can do without joining another body lest you accuse any group as being a group so you can accuse them since you realize Church is wrong and a body of same...


Patrick Ross "Denominations divide, true Christianity follows scripture not man made doctrine."

Nonsense. What does that mean?

More ways to erase blame and to not account for Church crime.

Blame someone else...

Why the sleight of hand?

Be plain.

And that is conveniently true, done to hope to avoid the bullet they fire at themselves proving Church wrong...

Flawed Police paradigms....

Then you admit lawlessness then.

Since you won't adhere to contracts of law and pact made with men...


I will come and take your churches then to repay me since your paper and mortgage and ownership is fiat, right?

Be careful what you do and ask for and what you admit.

Patrick Ross Terry Jones "I am non-denominational and focus on the scripture. The relationship with Christ is to be put first, man second."

None of that makes you right.

Is akin to shystering. So what?

None of that cleanses the body of crime. Or allows you to accuse others.

Since you see no crime.

Scripture proves you wrong then since it is in error.

I can also cite the law, being plain about child rape and murder...

That does not vindicate others of same felonies...

Does it?

Including Church....

They did wrong, what you are does not matter nor does what you believe....

If you act on it, break the law, or do same or other crime then you are guilty.

HAD nothing to do with you until you get involved in the wrong way with the crime.

You can renounce your faith, shape it to fit you and none of that fixes Church crime for one.

And this is a tactic Church is teaching you.

It is wrong and will effect you in other ways.

By protecting the body which is unclean and guilty you become guilty and admit of your faith and mouth you are ok with it.


You accept murder of innocent man to pay for you.


Jesus defeats you and him.

Suicide and murder as payment.

Now the Bible and rest is a mock of you and a form of occult.

There is your deal with the devil.

You joined the lynching and murder of an innocent perfect person without blame.

He could be fake but you accept the notion in philosophy and practice.

Now you profess it of your mouth.


Then you'd be wrong.

No point accusing others who don't act as a body or offer ritual or creed who largely likely are there since Church harmed them or they can't see how you can offer to act as you do.

Being not accountable for acts and crimes...

Church and Jesuits can not accuse others of being criminals since they can't see the law and refuse to witness.

You should have stood against the crime(s).

Thought, word, deed.