How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Jesus Phase II

This will be the problem since Muslims and their second prophet Jesus, are hoped to be used to reinvent the Vatican and Church of Christ.

It won't work.

The notion of Jesus self supports as a fraud.

Even without Biblical texts.

There is no foundation.

No basis for a faith in that someone was wrongly accused and his life taken and since you seem to embrace and repeat that atrocity, I assume you put this into practice. Solve murder with murder and blame God for it as you do.

Innocents do not pay for you and you don't harm them to do so and you can not be a martyr by choice. I am not sure why you'd want to be one to begin with?

At some point making drastic and foolish choices says you might suffer harm, being more conservative might help, and agreed others may still harm you as I was, but I had no choice... child harms end that and I don't need them either since adult harms to me are brutal and compelled by State and others for no reason.

Practical witness also matters since it adds clarity and proof of concepts.

The kid next door should work for you.