How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Jesus Makes Bad Science

Another reason why Jesuits make poor leaders and bad scientists and engineers:


Behind all of it is the want to invent justification for YOUR God since you need a crutch to make all the things you can't comprehend work for you.

Why not find answers yourself as Lawrence Krauss does?

Problem here is that Church now wants to ride on the coat tails of science and to own their acts and to self support anew with someone else's claims. None of this proves Church or Vatican as right.

I can speak to the fact someone cured Polio and say by that my religion that says pay me all your money on Tuesday is right. A specious set of claims anew for them.

"Religious arguments for the existence of God thinly veiled as scientific arguments do a disservice to both science and religion, and by allowing a Christian apologist to masquerade as a scientist WSJ did a disservice to its readers."

Point is that Jesuits just want to unify all life that does exist based on their say so and the want to make you accept that as true.

Who cares what they think?

Cults that harm children and resort to all these clever dialog tricks and traps are not to be trusted.

Life does exist on other places you can not get to and that does not mean that you control it with your faith and thoughts.

Since you can't observe those other places then your offer of proof is not possible.

Knowing a thing is alive, bacteria, or life form does not mean you can prove your God controls it 1,000,000 light years from earth.

Your task is not possible.

The overall problem is that for the most part the real contention here comes from Jesuit faith which is a fraud in total to begin with. None of this is needed to disprove Christianity. It does that by itself.

Evolutions vs Creation is now a non issue since Vatican concedes they have been wrong and one does not preclude the other.

Felons care not about the cosmos or anything else, they just want to screw you.

Krauss's 4 points are:

1) We currently DO NOT know the factors that allow the evolution of life in the Universe. We know the many factors that were important here on Earth, but we do not know what set of other factors might allow a different evolutionary history elsewhere. The mistake made by the author is akin to saying that if one looks at all the factors in my life that led directly to my sitting at my computer to write this, one would obtain a probability so small as to conclude that it is impossible that anyone else could ever sit down to compose a letter to the WSJ.

2) We have discovered many more planets around stars in our galaxy than we previously imagined, and many more forms of life existing in extreme environments in our planet than were known when early estimates of the frequency of life in the universe were first made. If anything, the odds have increased, not decreased.

3) The Universe would certainly continue to exist even if the strength of the four known forces was different. It is true that if the forces had vastly different strengths (nowhere near as tiny as the fine-scale variation asserted by the writer) then life as we know it would probably not evolved. This is more likely an example of life being fine-tuned for the universe in which it evolved, rather than the other way around.

4) My ASU colleague Paul Davies may have said that "the appearance of design is overwhelming", but his statement should not be misinterpreted. The appearance of design of life on Earth is also overwhelming, but we now understand, thanks to Charles Darwin that the appearance of design is not the same as design, it is in fact a remnant of the remarkable efficiency of natural selection.

Does nothing to prove anyone's God as being in charge of the cosmos.

The answer is as simple as I've put forth.

Christianity is a hoax overall so that ends it for them.

Since the Universe is infinitely large, you can not observe all of it to know that YOUR GOD has control there.

Missing one planet far away ruins your argument and "proof" of your God.

Or that there is NO GOD there.

You could make the same offer since cars exist that you are God since you made them.

Most of you have a hard time defining what a life form is and how it can change or adapt.

Lest it not fit into the rigid template you make of the Bible.