How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Jesus Is Moral

Being Jesuit implies morality?

Jesuits and even Martin Luther admit this, also make no claim to be morally right.

They offer Jesus pays for them and seem to admit they want to be the worst for it.


Finding fault with someone else's does not fix your bad religion.

Like Jesuits and the USA does overall.

And you don't need to be atheistic at all to disagree with any religion.

If it is flawed then so be it...

I need NO belief system to know when YOUR point of view or faith is wrong.

Why make this so complex?

You could offer to be hosting Girl Scouts as your belief system and have them sell cookies and pretend to be good but if you harm the girl scouts in doing that then you are done.

What you believe matters not.

And you don't need to be atheistic to know that.

-- EMPATHY dictates morality?

Need not....

Need not be altruistic either.

Consequences seen or not matter.

Just because you want to murder your son does not mean that there is no moral view you can take based on consequences you are not aware of.

Ignorance does not solve all problems.

You may get away with it BUT there may be hidden costs.... Ouch.

Jesus won't fix your smoking habit that does not mean it is ok since State has to pay to make you well..... For instance.