How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Here is the condensed version of why Jesus and the Christian faith are a failure and fraud

1) Bible Errors:

The Bible is the Christian Church's accepted and literal word of God. Jesuits start with claiming just that.

The Bible is inaccurate, incomplete, poorly translated, much is lost in doing so, missing parts, wrong and then distorted to serve man and profit.

The text is thousands of years old and adapted from The Dead Sea Scrolls and not all who translate such things agree they have all the parts or that they got it right.

The Bible was first printed in the 1400's with the first printing press from Gutenberg.

It seems like a collection of logical constructs and legalistic bandages and loopholes to fix the problems in life by not doing so.

It ends up as a way to chase your tail. Something else to be confused about.

It has plenty of wise advise and wisdom for living but that does not support the faith as a whole. It largely indicates that the faith is flawed. The other portions, some of which are downright foolish, make that what it is.

It is written by people thousands of years ago who knew little about hygiene, how the body works, the nature of the universe or the matter that we call the world.

These people today would be seen as harboring much ignorance. I'd not follow them or their advice unless I had other evidence to support it as being true and wise.

Discussions of harming animals to atone for one's sins, the use of 5 tumors and 2 cows, and the rest then vector the whole debate into the realm of the insane.

Talking about men who lived to be 777 years, 677 years, 888 years, and the rest tell me something is wrong here.

Much of life and logic comes down to architecture and geometry.

Specious logic and fixes that the Bible offers are ways to trap people into a relation with the Church that has them coming back for more and shedding money and property in the process.

2) Virgin Birth:

The want of Catholics and other Jesuits to deify the Virgin Mary based on her involve of delivering baby Jesus to you makes no sense either.

Anyone can inseminate a virgin with a turkey baster. This does nothing to add to the fact this would be a miracle used to support the faith.

Doing this is part of a process to legalize and make legitimate the notion that you harmed your mother being born or some such nonsense.

It is an offer to shyster with her as a martyr in this mess.

It also seems to offer that women are not part of the group of people in the faith accountable for anything they do. The discipline seems to really only be about the men.

This ends up looking like misandry and the want to use the faith to harm men with women.

Women are largely used to do the dirty work of the Church.

3) All Are Sinners Deserving Of Death:

This is flat out false.

You all deserve to live.

You can't agree on what sin is and most sins won't kill you any time soon.

Jesus won't save you from smoking. etc.

4) Wages Of Sin Are Death:

Also false, see above.

Most things you do are done for a reason and won't kill you and may make you healthy.

Many of those are considered sins as you'd need to pay someone for it.

With the Church in the middle taking their share.

5) Jesus' Blood Is Worth More Than Yours:

Another fantasy and fabrication used to bandage the logic to get you to accept that he pays for you.

Jesus does not pay for you and you can murder an innocent child and use that to blame someone else and that won't work either.

You are accountable for you and nobody pays for you.

This ends up supporting lawlessness and vigilante behaviors then blaming the innocents as you do to get away with it.

6) State/Church Wed:

For the USA the fraud deepens since despite the laws there it seems now the Church and law/State are wed.

State uses the Church to hide State crimes.

Church uses State to hide Church crimes.

You end up paying for both, accepting both, and getting nothing from either.

You pay taxes to avoid being served by the State, you pay tithes to avoid getting anything from the Church.

They in effect negate each other.

Since you support lawlessness with the Church. And the Church denies the State.

State preaches that you accept their faith and reject all.

7) The Crucifixion of Christ:

Jesuits offer that the death of Christ offers payment for the wrong that they do and this is no better than sacrificing children and offering that they pay for your crimes.

Jesus' death was an act of man and not of God and you validate the law you offer to reject by that.

You deny your faith by that.

Now you'd claim that all harm someone suffers is the wrath of God Upon Thee. Also wrong, since God gives you the will to choose.

That being those who harm you can choose NOT to do so and nothing or nobody says they have a right to do so. The law actually is plain on that, they DO NOT have the right to harm you.

Again what you do is up to you. UNLESS you are forced to do something under duress, the law accommodates that specifically.

You support injustice by your offer of faith and then support atrocities by the State AND Church via this.

You validate both as being of God. Neither are.

God would not need an act of man to validate him, doing this would be futile and useless.

I don't suffer your crimes since you think someone else pays for you.

With this you brand God a felon.