How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Jesus Freaks List

Do you accept Jesus as your God and savior?

Fact is he does not pay for you. You are accountable for you.

You don't deserve to die. Most sin is meaningless.

Man does not prove God by murdering Jesus. Doing this says you do it to not pay.

Virgin birth is a fraud, why offer this to support the faith?

You support lawlessness with Jesuit faith and remove personal accountability by it.


Found another freak and lunatic today, Christa Turnell, who claimed she wished my father had succeeded in running me over with the car, that I needed to be understanding of people who molest children, that this is a male thing only, and that nobody reads any of my witness here and that I don't make any sense.

She then went on to start calling me names, offering some kind of medical opinion, and offering she knows more about a person she never met, that being me, than I do. That I need not to say anything about this, that I am an attention seeker and need to just go away and shut up and then claims she can accuse me of harming children and not that this would matter since she can then run them over with the car and then smear someone else for bitching about it.

Pointing out that both my mother and grandmother abused me sexually and that I've had women violate me violently and sexually didn't seem to dissuade her in making statements she could not know or defend given she'd have no witness and not know me if I stood next to her. Or the fact she claims only men cause harm.

Maybe they will eventually arrest this lunatic for harassment, stalking, making threats and advocating child rape and violent felonies as well as denigrating this medium.


Nice to have another Jesus freak support what was done to me:

And spend three hours proving that for us.


Again to the facts which are:

You found fault with me and accused me of hate.

Not possible for you to be right about that.

Now you won't admit that or to cite what you found wrong in my dialog....

You can't speak to that. You accuse me of lies which you can't speak to since you don't have my witness and don't know me at all. That self supports as a fraud.

That ends it.

You suppress witness and obstruct justice. Support letting these felons remain free, celebrate me being wrong and unable to have relations with parents and others who did this... mock me for the harm.

And you hope to pinch people between bad law and bad faith akin to saying since Burger King is bad we need to go to McDonalds.

You are both wrong Mia. Good luck.

Joke is on you.

PS You don't believe scars when you see them?


You just don't like people smarter than you Mia.

And are too proud to admit you are wrong.

Keep digging if you want Mia.

Maybe offer more profanity and graphic nonsense of how you are going to sodomize all those who disagree with you and do so with your faith.

Cram it into every orifice they have.

Pack it in honey... Just like big bad mamma!

See for you problem is you make statements about people you never met Mia and speak to things you have no witness of here, that being reading more into this than is typed.

Anyone who disagrees with your faith then is accused of hate. It is not that simple. Your Church broke the law as you do here, and then practiced hate and child abuse upon me. I have witness. You have none since you are not there.

You have baseless accusations against people you never met since they disagree with you when you claim to be able to speak to their lives. And you did all that here as well as accusing me of being dishonest etc.

Sorry for your loss.

You later feign some kind of snub and prior harm but your solution works for you so my feeling is take your own advice and get over it.

You are not that important right? Why bother me with that now since you decided you knew it all better than me?

I have another idea for me and shared that with you and why.

You'd be wrong about me.

You might be right about your shoe size but not about what you said to me about me in this conversation.

All you said about me here is wrong Mia. And then you lie about it again.

Plus you are a verbal sloth.

You'll need to do better and will never convince me I am wrong about me, how could you?

Time for the pie in your eye Mia.

A well deserved egg on your face, big disgrace, kicking your can all over the place.

Blood on your hands, blood on your face, making a mess like a big disgrace...

You don't despair now girl, you just been had by the best their is.

Top gun says, cheers loser!


CE EM you mean this picture?.. Terry jones = pathological narcist with a histrionic personality disorder. Go sick a duck, you deserved it.


A histrionic and weak person like you would have died long ago...

I don't agree.

Interesting how violent Christian pedophiles support their atrocities by treating their children and victims as being weaker than them physically, AKA might is right: (John Anders)

I commented -- "How are the Christians doing on the head count in the USA this year? Chemical swords and all?"

John Anders -- "Better than those small ass arms of yours"

On the posting:

2015 has been a banner year for beheadings in Saudi Arabia.

Odd how you can get felons to admit they are felons.