How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Jesus Dollars

Since the foolish Jesuit faith can not stand alone, The State is now involved with the Police/Military and their shills in order to play God and by that elevate or prop it up and media stunts are part of that. Time travel, prediction, vanity, stalking, and sophistry etc.

Police being involved will be used to have it both ways, by that stand for and against it by validating it and invalidating it.

When cornered on it they will claim they do this to discredit it, otherwise they use the fraud to get away with other crimes or their refusals to serve. When in fact they should be prosecuting those doing it.

Police are not agents of public information and gossip and do not get involved in sniping at character(s).

When caught then Police will defer to the non existant "Higher Power" to get away with it all.

Akin to the problem State has by now breaking their own laws, installing Christianity in State, taking no money from the criminal acts Church does and sponsors, and by that admitting it is wrong and washing their hands of it.

Not taking tax monies is however profit. This admits fraud and theft.

And this is my problem with the current Jesus freak situation:

These people are more upset with the fact they are not getting away with their frauds and atrocities only that they are being exposed for them, being getting caught on what they knew to be true. That being they lied and cause harm to others.

So in effect the response from the insiders who are inside is not one of "Golly I have been misled and taken advantage of !!!" but more of a response akin to "Crap, I have been caught on all these lies and horrors and they figured us out...".

Their response is wrong.... They know they are wrong.

Bob Stover "Real Christians do not murder. Just because they put it in their name does not make them Christian. Christians do kill if threatened, not just out of concern."

First off Bob Stover would be wrong, they sure do! And they harm and rape their own children and I have proof and witness of same as done to me and others.

So much for that theory.

Beyond that you have the same problem as do all other criminals, that being nobody cares what your faith is, you broke the law. You are a felon. The rest is just used now to make an identification of you.

You can't agree on what it means to be "Real (Tm) Christians" and never will since the faith overall is a fraud. Bible proves that as does the murder/suicide of Christ.

You accept it is ok to murder an innocent to pay for you and then later discover you compelled his death and that Jesus really took his own life since it was needed to offer this fraudulent payment by proxy. He was offered a chance to flee.

So now what you have is a body of criminals who won't once admit they have caused someone harm, to this day not one person has admitted I am the victim of ONE crime let alone ALL of them, nor said they felt this is wrong etc. They blame me.

So with that how does one treat a child for a wound sustained from an abusive event by a parent or pastor?

I guess you don't eh?

Jesuit faith is nothing more than an excuse and you demonstrate here how to use it.

People accused of wrong will then be told they are not "Real (Tm)" and this will be used for all people who's "faith" will come and go and twist in the wind as you please in order not to account for anything.

Church causes much harm, criminal harm, and they are at fault.

Ends it really.

Your views and acceptances and membership criteria are too elusive, evasive, ethereal, not tangible, and wavering...

Finding fault with Jews or other religion does not vindicate you or yours nor does it validate your frauds.

Now YOU claim to speak for the faith in total, support it is being right and to what others know to be true, etc.

Wrong !

Jesuits seem to own all the good and right in the world.

Not sure they can take the credit there and shed the blame.

Then it ends up being a threat by force and the use of a larger body of people against you and a perfect blame the victim invocation of "Conspiracy Theories" proving paranoid claims.

Perfect example? I made an effort to discuss knife wounds on my left arm I were told prior were made in a car accident (not possible) with a Catholic health provider Dr Ed Stehlik in Buffalo NY. Since he wanted not to be accountable for being dishonest I made the effort to broach the topic with him, he felt it better he hide behind his women to make that mess. My simple statement about needing to have her (Patty the head nurse) look at the knife wounds had her slam shut the folio with my chart and yell at me "YOU ARE BEING PARANOID!". So this must have been rehearsed.

Odd. Pressing further had her deny and refuse any discussion about that wound and then informed me they would not treat me for CNS damage in injury sustained from a poisoning event done to me by my wife with the reply "That is between you and her".


Your "religion" is not.

Your atrocities as a Church body are not defensible..... problem here is State and Police are involved and now at fault for their want to ignore and not prosecute the violent felonies.

The problem overall is lack of sound reasoning, bad judgment, lack of ethic, dishonesty, and a get out of jail free card... that is your faith.

Specious logic, non wisdom, occult and sophistry, fear and hate mongering, etc.

Pope calls for people to break the law, now admits they have been wrong all along about Darwin....

It proves itself as being a fraud by making specious offers of support and the rest that have no merit.

Virgin is birth is one.

All of that would be a fraud also.

Church would need to reject Christ.

More lame excuse making from a bunch of fakers hoping to save this train wreck of misery.

Changing this is impossible.

Church is a criminal body.

That ends it.

That in a "Nutshell" reaffirms their faith and by that proves me right anew.

Nobody pays for you, ever.

Even assuming miracles do exist none of that allows you to murder everyone to have some cosmic friend save your bacon and theirs. You have to adhere to the law and not rely on your want to OWN all the miracles and good luck that MIGHT come around.

Do you like pistols? Revolvers I hope?

You account FOR YOU and these people don't speak to or for God and won't be used to remove your witness by saying their God knows it better than you do.

This looks like an admission of guilt and response to my review of their frauds and atrocities.

So from them:

God sets the terms

God is the one who sets the terms of this relationship. He tells us in advance what he will do. He calls the shots, and makes us free to respond to his terms.

The terms God has set are these: Jesus died for our sins. In a financial metaphor, he has paid for them. There is no more debt. We have been forgiven. Our works cannot add anything to it. God has in Christ acted unilaterally, reconciling all things to himself (Colossians 1:20).

At its core, the new covenant is Jesus Christ. He embodies everything the new covenant is. He is the Word of God and the Son of God, made human for us. He is the Message of God, the Mind of God, the Meaning of God, made flesh for us to see and know and love. In himself, he enables us to be friends with God. In Jesus Christ, God has given us a new basis for our relationship with God. This is the covenant God has given; we respond to Christ with either yes or no.

My Jesus In A Nutshell Note


It is not so easy. Clergy are offered tax refunds since they are supposed to be non-profit groups, so in effect they receive money for services or charity provided to people. But in reality they are getting money back from the State in the form of tax payments returned etc.

So this to me looks like a way for the State to "Wash its hands" of the fact they know this is a fraud on the part of the Church.

Taking money from the Church in the form of taxation would be illegal and conspire with felonies. Akin to taxing murder for hire, gambling, child trafficking, prostitution, you name any illegal acts. Taxing that is not legal for State. And State ceases to be a State when it becomes a Mafia... and doing that makes it a Mafia. Neither way works since it is a prejudice offered to support criminal acts.

My point is the State wants to "Give the impression" of doing the right thing and keeping their hands clean on it.

So in effect they admit what I know to be true, this Church is a fraud, conspires with the homicide of innocents, with thefts as well as offering advocacy of lawless behavior and overthrow of the government. It advocates lawless acts and payments by others for your doing so.

Point for you is why would YOU give them any money since all they do is use that to harm you and your children, lie to you, and cause you and others harm with it?

Just like the Police and your State does?

You have no idea where that money goes.

Both Church and State are wrong and States like Arizona under Jan Brewer are going in the wrong direction by getting closer to Church and not further from it.

For Church it is still an incentive and donation by State since it ends up being a net gain where others suffer a financial debit for the tax(es).

With the claims made to citizens of the offers of service in which the Church gets more of and a guaranteed win, offer of protection for hire by Mafia Cops and Cabal State.


Religious Brainwashing Checklist --

Faith Is Evidence:

This offers that Bible is true and correct and you are expected to believe what does not make sense and allow faith to fill in the gaps.

There is no proof any Jesus existed or that these texts are factual and true. You have no witness.

Reason Is Irrational:

Using logic to say that people don't live to be 777 or 500 years old, or that murder of an innocent pays for your sins, or that some dead person suffers for you is of course something those of faith would want to counter. They know the weak spots in their foundation and also rely on sophistry and specious offers and frauds marketed as miracles. Virgin birth is one of them. Why bother?

Love Is Conditional:

And of course forgive me for me slapping your cheek and join us or else.

Tolerance Is Divisive:

Be sure to shift the blame unto some other notion of faith and use their wrongs to conceal yours and to invent the need for your faith. One does not imply the other and as you accept murder of an innocent by proxy you now accept that another faith and their warts solves yours. They do not and are not related at all. Your crimes are yours.

Wisdom Is Foolish:

Again using logic and knowledge to counter those who want to be lording over you is wrong. Stop making sense please in other words.

Fantasy Is Reality:

Do not worry about rational thought and reason since you can solve all problems by not doing so, blaming someone else, and letting God handle it all.

Atrocities Are God's Just Sword:

Blame victims of horrors and covert harms enacted by Church as being deserved since they are bad Christians etc. All violence is justice.