How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Jesus The International Man Of Murder

Problems for the Christian faith under the Vatican today in my cases are more obvious in that:

I was harmed by the Church violently and perversely and as a child and adult, many times over in the course of now 5 decades.

The Church even today in late 2014, denies their faith and asks me to leave by it. They just want me to accept all of it as being acceptable, it is not.

I have done nothing wrong. It would not matter if I did. It was never up to the Church or State to retaliate and offer extra judicial attacks and euthanasia as a solution.

Since you had that solution that says you have a problem.

Even today Church will not begrudge me being the victim OF ONE SINGLE CRIME! Despite the countless felonies against my person with horrid scars, disfigurement, and handicap. Not ONE... They will argue that point forever, akin to talking to squirrels.

The Church is directly associated with the crimes by making front page slanders of my name in newspaper articles promoting the fraud that I harmed them in their want to rape and lynch me.

Many witness this and the fact I was harmed in this fraud.

I attended Church for many years and they had much opportunity and never said one thing about this to me.

They never divested themselves from that even today and deny any harm was caused to me ever. State uses identical templates of behavior.

Despite their want to forgive all of you and treat you in their loving way, I was then sued in a court of law with the fallacious claims I harmed their church when in fact they visited violent hate and atrocities upon me and harmed me as a child.

Again they never divested themselves from these crimes, admit them with their offers of proof and then blamed me for them.

As in they never happened, we blame you for them, it is ALL your fault, etc. They threaten them anew, negotiate on them, as in trade one fraud for another, justify one fraud with another, they justify them as being just, and then invent them as accidents and the hand/acts of God. All lies.

All with vanity and story lines coming out of snippets of the Bible. Used to script violent and perverted intentional harm of children and adults. Jesus as a Mafia Don.

The Church blindly falls into the trap of making ad hominen attacks which always fail. Blaming me only offers motive for the crimes. And you don't need motive.

The other problem for the Christian Church/USA/Americans is their want to malign and demonize other faiths or nations based solely on their prejudicial views.

For instance Americans blame Muslims in general for the attacks in NYC on 09/11/2001 and I don't think that is fair. You really will never know fully what happened there. I don't see Muslims in general supporting the violence. And you don't speak for them.

Muslims are a popular target of the American/Jesuit witch hunt ongoing of late by that.

I can't speak to the Muslim faith or find fault with it since I have no direct experience, I CAN speak against the Christian Church since I have witness and proof of harm. That is now self evident.

That being said, with Muslim's want to accept Jesus as a prophet, as they tell me, this really has no bearing or influence on validating or invalidating the Church of Christ.

Just as they also accept Muhammad as a prophet, Isiah for Jesuits, etc. There are many called this.

You won't know if it is the same prophet and I don't know that Muslims accept Jesus as SAVIOR, two different things really. And it still won't matter since the Muslim faith is apart and I have no issue with it.

So it also has no impact to support or invalidate Muslim faith. Two different things really. The teachings and architectures of the Christian Church are flawed and dishonest. End of story.

That means nothing to Muslims per se other than being a lesson on how not to be fooled with ANY faith.

This is foundational reasoning.

All will have crisis of faith and will differ in any belief system.

What I see happening is that Christians in America use the same paradigms and tactics they hone by harming their own children and then apply them abroad or with other people of differing faith to “Convert”, “Evangelize”, or otherwise coerce you into their (flawed) belief systems.

Then when someone resorts to logic, reasoning or critical thought they cry foul and call you the Devil and return to slapping you ad infinitum with their turnstile equipped with boxing gloves punching you in the head forever.

Most of this works for a while and they rely on emotion rather than reason to accomplish most tasks.