How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Jesuit Snake Oil Architectures

Virgin birth is a sham and anyone can inseminate a virgin today or 2000 years ago.

Ascribing or elevating Mary to some deified place is a fraud based on that alone. Doing this is dishonest.

Church preys on the poor, infirm, and the elderly who are alone and in need.

They promise if you spend your last penny by donating it to them you will see riches in Heaven. Another fraud.

They support foolishness with wisdom.

In the end you end up fostering ignorance and promoting foolish thought and fomenting fear and doubt.

The Bible is full of good advice and sound teachings, it does not validate the work as a whole or the religion as a whole as being true. It is also full of foolish drivel.

Church offers we all deserve to die since we sin, this is also false. You all deserve to live.

Church offers that Jesus' blood is worth more than mine, also not true. Mine is worth more since I am alive and he is dead. The blood of children is worth more than his also.

By that you claim you own my soul and purchased it with his blood. I already paid so why do I pay again so it can be free and you can blame me for it all once more?

You have thousands of Churches all over the world who are empty and unused 99% of the time while people starve and die in the streets for want of food and shelter.

Sermons end up being charismatic freak shows and vanity plays with carnival tricks that are psychologically abusive, likely collusion with other frauds and crimes, and designed to fool and harm the unknowing with the lies moving forward.

Jesus ends up being used as a cosmic shyster with logical traps, bandages, and other sophistry and dirty tricks to enslave those who are convinced to “believe”.

This is a cosmic confidence game where you are told that Jesus pays for you given you accept his Faustian bargain(s) to do so. This removes accountability for your actions but in reality makes you accountable for someone else's frauds and crimes since you decide to witness against it.

Blame the victim now.

They hoped to suggest the deal was complete and atomic and irreversible given my being dragged into church (under duress) to forgive my attackers and the offer to accept baptism as an adult.

I make no such offer and see them as being accountable for the new and old crimes against me. Now that I know of them.

Offering such a fickle and tricky trap is hugely dishonest, you murder a man or child this way and dispose of their life with the want to say accept us or die.

The problem is I went there to learn and was harmed violently and they asked me to leave for it. Complete denial of faith once more. Church's demise is complete.

Their prior crimes made this happen anew.

This is exactly the problem with their man in the middle attack that has them offer you walk into their cosmic air lock and close one door behind you before opening the next. A fraud.

I reject their faith as such and this is their defense for those who'd understand it, that being to blame you for learning it.

In doing this they send people into your life who surround you with a suffocating ignorance and personalized blame blame blame agenda that turns you into a pariah. Persecution at all levels. NOTHING you do is now right.

All people need to be accountable for what they do, this is civilized society and rule of law. The Church and State wed up in the USA with the offer you trade one away for the other and end up paying for both and getting benefit from neither in this way.

So your Stateship denies your faith since your laws don't support it and your faith denies your Stateship since your faith rejects the law.

Your demise is now complete.

Witness against something and then you are called a sinner or Satan or worse.

By that you end up in the worship of what you despise and reject and become that which you loathe just as you are told in Church, the devil has tricked you.

You need to stand against the evil and uphold the law of the land AND of God. Your being a disciple should increase your being a good citizen and not offer you a get out of jail free card.

You'd be accountable to a higher ethic. Not to or by a less or lower level.

This ends up placing you in a trap with no way out and then reliance on the Church to show you the way. You already have it, use the door.

The Police/State and others abuse this power to break the law and to punish victims of State crimes and this is a perfect blame the victim paradigm.

I don't pay Police for having a bad thought. Or making a swear word in private. Nor should I.

And The Church and The State can't have it both ways.

Again a man in the middle attack where you agree to one set of conditions, someone else breaks the deal, and then you are left to pay for that which is free.

The general template of behavior is as follows:

1) Bring victim to Church.

2) Cause them more harm.

3) Use sophistry and abusive dialogs to convict him. Resolve nothing.

4) Evict the victim and deny your faith by that.

5) Wait for him to make some other related or unrelated foible and force him to return so you can blame them anew.

Blaming victims does not solve any problems, problem one. Faustian bargains follow again.

I can not fix it for you.

Again making the offers of foolishness and dishonesty with the dilution of blood debts and other crimes along with the notion of virgin births etc says something is wrong and dishonest here.

The faith is a crime.

The coffee is free

Jesus purchased it and your soul with his blood

Who put the poison into it? Satan did.

Have all that you want.

You are buying.