How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Jesuit Proxy Failures

This all comes down to people who are guilty of things, or crimes and the want to have others market solutions for that.

In the end if you do wrong, then your decisions from this point forward have become conflicted. All that you do may in fact now be soiled with the harm you did to others such that now you feel a need to "counter" them.

In that you feel a need to "invoke" countermeasures in order to make decisions around your conflicts. In effect you have dulled your shovel, broken and bent your tools and now need proxies and occult to fix them for you. It still is a perversion and admits you are guilty and allows others to exploit them for profit and control.

You've been had again.

It goes so far for Police and others who exploit Church frauds that you even begin to harm children and innocents and torture and murder and mutilate them in order to vindicate you as being right in doing as you please.

It can't work.

Since again your judgment is of no use to anyone nor is your witness now.

Then you hope to pass your guilt and soil off in the "body" and have someone else cleanse your crimes by blame of your victims. Same problems.

Collusion and obstruction. Proving guilt.

For you as Police or Church or others who'd investigate or observe a pattern or process you offer you want to observe and measure and record a nature scene or science experiment.

When in fact you really arrive with your verbally abusive bulldozer of technique which is there to avoid your guilt and scrape the landscape clean to the bare earth or smash the physics package and benchtop experiment into smithereens with your sledge hammer of stupid.

Yielding no result other than a shallow grave for you to sleep in.

And proving you and your associates wrong.

Interesting segue maybe but this is my other point, false hope.

Accepting the fact you are ok with murder of an innocent man to pay for you might have you test your faith in other ways.

Accepting Jesus until death (Revelations 2:10) correct me please if I am wrong, likely is a bad idea since Jesus won't save you from lung cancer and would not be used to replace a medical doctor OR interfere with your health care.

What a doctor believes will matter also... Jesus won't fix bad habits for you.

Here is more harm Church invites.

My Jesus In A Nutshell Note

Sit in prison for no reason and wait to die...


Jesus IS the Anti-Christ.

In that he denies himself, asks you to do same, takes his own life and then blames you for it, and has you agree to accept murder of an innocent to pay for your crimes.

Jesus defeats Christianity.

Then asks you to believe the rest of the lies and overly complex sets of fixes to patch the whole mess up.

Cosmic shystering.