How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Jesuit Non Solutions

In the spirit of having a conversation and the want to exchange ideas you are not being honest or making a reasonable effort other than to be disputatious and the rest. Tripping on minutiae, avoiding actual points of fact, and being evasive and essentially ranting or chanting the same non offer of non resolve.

For you this is same as the State in USA and your solution is to just ignore it all and this is exactly the problem I said is ongoing. You offer faith and State as being apart, join them in reality, trade one for the other, and get nothing from both... one does not obviate or exclude the other, faith should complement and increase State and via that law. You advocate lawless anarchy and support murder and rape of children with your apathetic non solutions to the problem.

Why murder someone and then ignore them and snap your fingers to have "God" solve it for you? God is not your errand boy. But this is what you and these people do. This would be WHY God has you here, to ACT. Assuming you could know or prove any God let alone your version of him today.... or this moment.

I wanted to work within the confines of the State here in USA and to have this resolved in a "LEGAL" fashion in accordance with the laws and that which is "RIGHT" and true and just. None of this is legal and none is according to scripture and since Church denies faith asking me to leave that admits guilt and that the faith is wrong. Sacrosanct and inviolable.

Point being was to salvage this relation, you want to offer what was done all along, put up with it until they murder you again and take more money, right?

Your offer lacks symmetry since neither you nor they would suffer any of this let alone all of it.

In the midst of all of that you conceded they are wrong and they should be punished but then you go back to some other non solution that says something else should be done meaning me to not speak against it. Then cover that with a snowstorm of tangential dialog that offers more non solution to it all.

And you admit, you being State and Police, are at fault and this is true back then and is more so now. As each day goes on it gets worse not better.

Bringing this to the Church, any one, should get a different result than yours, that being; this is horrid, please let us understand YOUR concern not that I need to suffer YOUR points of view about unrelated issues...

This makes you and your Church wrong again and yet.

You people are a rut which is a tomb akin to a ditch with both ends knocked out...

At this point I'd have to say your dialog is abusive and lacks honesty and supports the crimes done. Same is true of State or Police. You share same demises.

You end up looking like abusive employers in the State who wanted to blame me for not responding to their veiled threats and other vanity plays including violence none of which they can admit they said or did....

Justice does not require innocence on the part of the victim in order to support the rule of law, civilized society, and the want to enforce the law and contracts...

You have to rely on due process, never formally accused me of anything, you made all this mess yourselves, and can't chop off an arm and say you will get it right later since you offered your extra judicial murders as being justice with no burden of proof upon the State. Wrong again.

Otherwise you'd have anarchy and chaos since I can accuse even a child of telling lies or being rude..... If you did or required that then you'd have no need for child raping Police since they have no work to do.

They would just sit around and do nothing assuming your "God" would fix it all though they have no belief in him.

Oh and justice is not compelled or used to compel your notion of religion.

You won't withhold and bargain with one to install or compel the other.

That being faith vs State.

One is obligated by law the other is not.

You want to compel faith with denial of law and service..