How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Jesuit Mafia Tactics

Look at how within a few moments of being here I had two Jesuits start accusing me of hate.

Both women. Note how when it comes to violence done to men and boys women are the first tools used to attack them and to support those doing the crimes to remain free and suffer no cost for their felonies....

State does same thing to deny monies and other benefits or mandates like health care. Even for treating life threatening or fatal wounds.

Impossible to know or glean from my witness of crimes done to me and not stated or proven here ever, making claims by them is not possible as there is no mention or display or proof of that here and that was not my goal.

Witness of a felony and violent crime done to a child is not hate mongering or preach of same.

And otherwise not possible since neither person knows me personally at all.

Then they made hours long efforts to blame me for the things done to me, accuse me of other things and then tell me those doing it need to see no harm done to them or suffer consequences or be made to restore me financially etc since it is free.

I need to pay for it since it is free.

Then the problem gets into more vague slurs with the want to accuse me of what I know and believe, how I act, how my reactions and overall sentiment are aberrant or dysfunctional or unreasonable, etc, and that I need to suffer this harm since those doing it were not in the Church, not good Jesuits, Satan did it, Jesus pays for them, but again I need to pay for it since it is free.

Then we quote the book of Revelation regarding not weeping and gnashing of teeth and prison but how I am not allowed to accuse my brethren despite Bible telling me to bring the matter to the Church. In order to make a redress you need to effect a change by discussion.

This proves Church wrong even in harms to children since as you witness a child rape or lynching of an adult you will just sit idly by and not intervene lest you accuse. Seems plain now.

There is now no illegal, immoral, or wrong act.

Your offer when harms come to you or Church? Might is right.

You end up as same as the failed Police and their like cult of hate and wrong.

Now I am blamed with the slur that I accuse ALL OTHERS (as they morph and modify the body of the church to leave them out possibly and move the blame around) of the problems in my life.

Despite all of that and the want to blame someone else, these people acted upon direction of the Church and as directed by Biblical scripture, and your and their want to bifurcate and parcel the problem and divide it in order to support the crimes and wrong doing as having no consequences other than for the victim, that can not work.

You caused harm to State and made a mess of the life of the victim such that he can't reside in the State.

Then you broke the law this way and ran to law to deny your faith after making effort to shun, break and deny the law.

A naive offer of anti guilt knowing the body of the Church is at fault and their want to slime their way around it.

For these people and their Police and Jesuit friends, you might as well soak your head in that bucket of piss, yours or someone else's as it won't matter, bottle it up and sell it to yourselves since you are paying for all of it anyway, nobody else is.

In that you can buy your own nonsense since I'm not and now no one else will either.

I got you a little bit of something that I didn't get at home.....

Problem again is that these crimes and atrocities are being directed by Church and Police and likely US Military.

They were too clever and careful as to distance it from both Police and Church overtly.

But that ends up being impossible.

Assuming God knows all he does as do Police...

And the use of shills and interloping and malingering on the violence and abuse says and proves all of that.

Then the clever denials, clever and atomic verbal traps, and the medical expertise to deny the obvious.


The tactic is identical for Police and/or Church.

Police person harms child, next or other Police person denies doing it but refused to offer service to prosecute and acts with the other person who did felony.

End is same.

Refusal to be Police, no show job, and then collusion with felony.

Repeats for next felon from Church or law enforcement.

All such doers or those present in body can be charged now for the crimes.

Then harms to victim will never be just since you nullified the body.

Your problem is atomic and final.

Once done you are done.

You have no other choice, do your job, arrest and prosecute.

Quitting or failing to be an officer of the law or Church, who claimed all along to be in such a capacity, they could execute you for heresy, means you are not in the body, none of that is needed to be a felon.

Harming a child as a cop and then quitting won't vindicate you or offer you immunity and admits guilt for you and body.


In most US states or in USA overall those in care of children are mandated reporters.

Having knowledge is enough.

Not doing so is a felony.

So for you in the Church and Police you decided there is nothing wrong ever.


Then you waste 5 decades arguing with the victim and doing countless other acts of violence and perversion and denials of service to him in order to wait longer to blame them for something else etc.

A waste of time.

The basis for these refined approaches is the following:

Church has a large problem as being the Vatican etc since now they want to duck and cover from the past.

Just making efforts to not cleanse the body ever and then step away from their offer of authority to take a life as they did in the past for acts of heresy etc is not enough. As the Police problem is, do a murder and quit the force is not enough to get away with murder.

Building your escape route on Jesus is not enough either since he is the trick that got you.

No Statute of Limitations on murder.

And now it is plain Church did murders..... they did so to me also in the 20th Century...

Point is you executed people for heresy or other harms to Church. They fabricated that for me to support murder and death more than once. All lies.

So don't accuse? Do accuse? Just act? etc?

Now you want to have Vatican offer to declary holy war on who?


Looks like you are guilty of murder. More than one.

You can't bifurcate and divest from the past, and yourself as you hope to do and you never divested from harms done to me or made them known to me.

Doing so says you forgot Jesus too since he is farther back. QED

And your "Goodwill Ambassadors" from the Church now are all women with the excuse of "You are still alive, so what?"


Now you and those in the law do same, remove the fact you are people as follows;

There is nothing you can say or do at this point lest you accuse yourself of it and having a meeting, BBQ, or Strawberry Social is not possible lest you accuse the BBQ of being hot, the event and you as being there, and the Strawberry for being food.

You now have removed your tongue, your eyes, and your ears and your hands.

You can't witness any or all.

And all your acts make it worse.