How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Jesuit Kool Aid Paradigms

And they drank the Kool Aid on it since I posted witness here that is critical of the Church, being they did these crimes to me, now they send people to hope to discredit me.

And as I add with that, my logical review that is well organized, and well written, as well as being logically bullet proof, of why Jesuit faith fails, then they hope to use that to say ALL of my witness is false.

It does not work this way and I speak to just this, being logical inversions and retaliations by that, in that I do back to you what you did to me. Not all this trap is invertible nor does it inflect on the boundaries you might think.

Since they refuse to accept the fact their faith is wrong and they offer this as being my OPINION, it is not. I knew that they would do this or predicted it.

My witness is my witness and that can't be refuted or rebutted ever. And certainly not by people I've never met. They are not some Kosmic Parrot that parks on my head with their all seeing eye to witness my whole life with me. I had coffee this day, you could not say otherwise...

And these are related as applied to me and their approaches and sophist systems of harm, but unrelated as to the fact of the witness as being witness. I can even be wrong about some of the witness and that does not invalidate all or any of it. Say me citing being 4 as opposed to 4.5 years old for one homicide attempt. So what?

This then gets to finding fault and refusal to see or speak truth instead of finding fact, this is where Jesus gets you.

The rebuke of the faith as a whole is logically perfect and this overall is well written and organized and is about the best set of witness you will ever see. I do this and get accused of "tactics" that being likely making too much sense. Thanks to the Talking Heads for that.

Plus that is based on my attending church all the time and knowing this system of belief. These concepts are universally agreed upon as being what Jesus is about.

Their demise is more simple since they make the logical error of offering a complete text (Bible) as being perfect and true and that alone can be used to say wrong, this can't work. In the spirit of fair play, lets overlook MOST of the errors and say close enough, here are where your real problems are.

Point being, they use one fraud to sneak in another this way, accept all of it. You don't know what you are purchasing.

And me being wrong about a verse I cite in Revelation does nothing to discredit my witness or even the rest that says nobody pays for you, murder of innocents does not, and Virgin Birth does not prove miracle. Doing that is bad faith and fraud.


And this template of fraud is just what MY father did, be a felon and hate
monger, procreate, and then hide behind his children and use that to get service.

So Mary and Joseph likely were little more than hucksters who invented this fraud.

Snake oil is born.

And they vehemently hope to defend against this and to make ad hominem attacks against me, how can they?

Smears and the rest.

I have people in Australia making claims, a woman, that on her end people there claim I am full of crap. 99% of this went on in a small town in New York State USA. Likely before she and her experts were born. Over 8,000 miles from OZ.

I don't know anyone there.

We never met.

This problem gets more pure and more simple as it goes.

They do all the heavy lifting to make them look as fools.