How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Jesuit Decorum Failures

Jesuits have a fetish with cutlery don't you know?

The Cross and the Switchblade.

They also like to invent dramas and play the victim.

Their crimes self support their need for their faith.

Re: Daniel Dennett "Have you considered the possibility that your entire life has been devoted to a delusion?"

Better yet, devoted to that delusion and in support of harms of children and other atrocity?

Nothing like raping and murdering children then hiding behind decorum is there?

This is what you have with these people.

Well heeled perversion, lies, and violent gore.

All with a nice facade.

Ishmael Abraham -- "The rapists of children would be executed under Shariah."

Bible supports or offers that little ones are protected also... but in reality that does not happen as we see.

What is it about causing little ones to sin?

Or being given the pass of ignorance that adults also get before they become aware?

Vatican now even admits guilt on that.

So for them Bible is just a cloak they don when it serves them and toss aside when it convicts them.

Same will be true of any religion and their "Holy Book(s)".

Don't get me wrong since I don't do this to disrespect people who are trapped in this system of "faith" since I've been there myself.

These people are not on your side, that being the leaders of these sects. And they are clever.

At times though you need to get people upset and often doing that involves making them suffer what they believe being done to others is acceptable.... or rub the truth into their faces.

And if you can't account for it or will not then you say you are not ok with it.

The other aspect of that is listening to others who can witness assuming we are not already murdered accidentally since that matters most.

Look at how cleverly and desperately those people act to suggest each person's plight matters not one bit??? PROFOUND !

What is done to one and is ok being done to one can be offered then as being done to you and ALL.

These people can do as they please as long as they don't get caught or don't break the law and then can blame you for what you do or think or act out and upon.

They do NOT have to tell you their intent in ANY of it....