How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

James Kala Meeting - A US Federal Law Enforcement Agent Confesses To Me In 2003.

James Kala Meeting - A US Federal Law Enforcement Agent Confesses To Me In 2003.

James Kala, who I have never met prior to that day, approaches me at our Church in early 2003 and speaks to the hate crime and homicide done to me in 1981. As of that meeting he asked to later meet me in my home when Heike was not there to discuss that event and others, to which I agreed.

Here is the outcome of that meeting and how it proves he and the State guilty of ALL the wrongdoing as done to me as of that time, and later it seems.

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James Kala met me at a Bible study in early 2003 that Heike and I attended at Pendleton Center United Methodist Church in Pendleton NY USA. Tom Kraft was the Head Pastor there and seems to be still there as of today May 14, 2020.

Pendleton Center United Methodist Church
6864 Campbell Blvd
North Tonawanda, NY 14120 USA

He responded to my general offer and question related to the 1981 "Church Crash" that turned out to be a vivisection homicide and media slur/false flag done to me then in Wilson NY USA.

He quickly interjected and replied that something was wrong.

I should not have had to ask.

He defended his frauds and delays by indicating he needed time. Too late.

He wanted to suppress the witness at the Church and later when meeting me in my home he defended and obfuscated that with his offer he is fixing this. He had no plan to do so. Only to obstruct and to enable further harms.

He said he needed time. That is false.

The problems for Jim Kala:

He admits having liens on my home at 6178 Campbell Blvd Lockport NY 14094 USA and my parent's home at 4483 East Lake Road Wilson NY 14172 USA, which is also mine, that would prohibit them from being sold.

Only mine could be sold he said.

Admits use of a process called "Eminent Domain" and do I know of it?

Problem is that I don't sell it and leave it to accommodate her crimes or those of the State.

I stay there.

Kala professed to have some plan moving forward to conspire with Duncan Ross related to abuse and harms and debacles as we now see at Arrowhead Spring Vineyards.

Speaks to paint shakers, shake tables, and square pegs in round holes. Too much prediction.

Refers to akin problems in my parent's home as architected with transformer and support beam in the basement, etc.

Refers them to things such as a chart recorder, record players, etc.

This is after I related to Kala what Duncan had said to me years earlier where he indicated that this would all be a fraud and theft of taxpayer monies and that he'd make the place to harm people.

Obey Giant Suspicious

Square peg in a round hole and all of that.....

Arrowhead Spring Vineyards Lockport New York USA

Kala indicated that the plan was to allow KMBIII and my sister to procreate.

As I had asked he said this, and that this is what they wanted, the children to be wards of the state.

Why, so you can have sex with them and take photos?

He indicate he had knowledge that Heike had used Mercury to poison me before the final lethal bolus made later.

I was not aware of this as of the time Kala had met me.

This first event happened around the time I had met with Maria Oven as part of me seeking another engineering position after leaving Sriharis and CEDARTECH, Inc.

He admits knowledge of our neighbors Stellrecht and Kania conspiring in the murders and arsons.

He admits knowledge of material he obtained by surveillance and by garbage picking.

He proved that to me by admitting having and finding problems with a starter/blister pack of pills on a cardboard card given to me by Raghu that Heike used to obfuscate her effort to have me ingest Mercury she had placed in the glass of water she gave me.

They kind of look like birth control pills hence more "Post Natal Abortions" thanks to KMB3.

This was called Seroquel. I don't need it. It proves Raghu and Heike acted together.

It proves Kala as being guilty.

Doug even looks to have known in advance as he said what this would look like.

As Doug Golde said, yours will be different.

They have too much knowledge.

Kala admits he planned to deny all of this and that he would hide.

I said that is odd and won't work.

He has same problems as I discussed in other pages related to an event with US FBI and a dumpster on French Road in Depew NY USA circa 1989.

That proves his want to enable and malinger on the murders.

He admits knowledge of attempted murder via SUNY Buffalo, CEDAR, and US IRS specifically deer car hits.

He admits knowledge of the drowning my parents did in Lake Ontario and Canada.

He said I have all of that.

Also admits as to arsons of other homes and business.

At one point he says "You will be vindicated here" and my reply was that I had not been accused of anything here.

The harm is intentional and too soon, he proves and admits that. I agreed.

See bifurcation and reverse on the notion of "No Defense".

I also offered that there is nothing to accuse me of and that is in fact vigilantism and reprisal in advance of me accusing the State and others, and that I am in fact being persecuted.

That proves and admits his and The State's guilt in their want to support extra-judicial harms as being punitive in defense of atrocity done to a child and innocent.

And I said then this provides immunity since State decided to act this way and take the law into their own hands as they did.

The violence ends it. So does the sex and marriage.

He admits knowledge of missing children, possibility they are buried in local corn fields, and that my father may have killed those two boys (and their family) as I later witnessed against here online, and to him in person that day.

Done then since I was now able to recall it when he asked it of me. And he said he wanted to discuss that now.

The drowning he avoided.

He knew then as we met, before I ended up getting poisoned further by Heike, that I had to be chelated since Mercury can not remain in my blood and body. He was done when we met. He knew it.

Overall he acted guilty, largely seemed to admit later that he said too much, and seemed confused as to why he actually said what he did say. In other words this did not go as he planned and he largely confessed to all of it.

His dialog seemed to predict future harms, offer some kind of blase and callous want to denigrate me with the past child abuse, torture and murder, belittle the crimes as of now, offer the notion of me being a toy, a yoyo, magic carpet rides, and other around and around the problem that said this person is wrong.

He spoke of MkUltra, HAARP and other weather modification scams, and his problem became deeper and more ignorant as it went.

This being he said he is an agent of the US Federal Government being law enforcement, proves guilt.

His and theirs.

Animated Rope Noose

Kala admits taxes as theft.

Kala admits violent harm including murder by state and doctors.

Kala admits State's act to justify the harm as being punitive proving motive and intent and the crimes.

Kala admits torture and harm via Castle DDS and dental mayhem done to me as a child.

Kala admits torture as a child via Vietnam War paradigms and adult tortures.

Kala admits I have no marriage.

Kala admits degree frauds at Clarkson and SUNY.

Kala admits grading frauds at Clarkson and SUNY as well as with SAT and ACT College entrance exams.

Kala indicates to me that I have some form of "implant" in my hip.

I don't see that to be true.

Kala admits some foible related to "Population Reduction", likely meaning efforts to murder people for no reason.

Kala admits movie vanity in Hollywood being denigrating of me and crimes done to me, as of 2003.

I see that problem yet today with new works as of recently with Jason Bourne, James Bond, etc.

Kala admits my face being burned with cigars as a child and music vanity say with Pink Floyd/Rob Davis have a cigar.

Kala admits the intentional efforts at vehicular homicide notably with the Monte Carlo cars. Saying they are related and that the names of the streets intersections etc were planned.

Kala indicated he needed help having his daughter move. Bob Inwards tripped on that again later in a phone call to me.

Obey Giant War By Number Kala And Voutour And Inwards Get Help Moving Their Daughters

Bob Inwards is mentioned as attending PCUMC as of 2020 and having a birthday as seen in their Newsletter in PDF format:

PCUMC January 2020 Newsletter

As Kala leaves to get into his red GMC truck parked in my driveway, a Niagara County NY Sheriff skulks past us heading north on Campbell Blvd looking and acting weird driving at something like 5mph.

As he passed into view from behind my three pine trees I said to Jim speak of the devil, and said he is in the "Petrified Forest".

James Kala had knowledge that the Mercury was in our home, and that it did not belong there.

Kala had knowledge Heike had used it in the past, and he knew the LD50 as well as the fact Heike would be able to get me to ingest as much as 270mg/Kg of body weight, based on him knowing the solubility of it, and the fact she'd use a 500ml drinking glass to deliver the bolus.

His math is right.

Kala had knowledge that the pack of Seroquel from Dr. Bellamkonda Raghu and the insert documents with it indicated Mercury was present in that drug. It does not belong there, and this is another red herring proving Raghu to offer his collusion in the effort to euthanize (murder) me informally.

This was over well before we met and certainly before Heike acted again June 06, 2003.

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