How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Installing Jesus Abroad


Right and the US's involvement in Iraq was predicated and marketed based on a number of non-truths. Even Colin Powell admits that today now that they got what they wanted and made the USA look badly for it.


The problem is you are attempting to replace one bad religion with another, Christianity. You need to toss out the Bible and enforce the law, arrest those who break it.

The answer is simple and Blair is wrong, enforce the law and be done with it. The problem is him and you. And your "faith".

You are attempting in the USA and abroad to "install" Jesus by not enforcing the law and to compel that moving forward using organized crime approaches. This is where you get.

It is a replacement con game and a denial of service attack also.

Fear and hate mongering are concomitant tactics used to accomplish that agenda.

Zealots who compel their faith using violence should be prosecuted despite who's flavor of God they pretend to follow today.

And this is likely not about faith or God at all.

Point 1 - Why bother unless it moves home with you? Leave them alone deal with them as criminals at home if so.

Beyond that.... Too much dwelling on minutiae.

Christianity is no better overall and far worse from my experience.

And these people are warriors first and Godly men second or lastly of all.

So really it makes no sense again.

When someone comes to OZ or UK to attack you it matters less if they did so since they are Muslim as in the end they are just criminals...

Criminals can profess any faith and lie about it and all else, so again why compare Gods on it all?

And reliance on USA is a bad idea for sure.