How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Ignorance Of The Law

Ignorance Of The Law (Or Facts) Is Not Law Enforcement:

You can not prosecute an innocent person for crimes done to him in another jurisdiction and feign ignorance of it all to get away with it.

This is just what Arizona and Florida and other States in the USA are doing and have done and then engage in reprisal attacks, retaliation, and other modes of extra judicial harms to support their child raping Police associates in NY.

Doing this proves you have no witness and no facts and neither does anyone in NY.

You have nullified that and now claim to be able to use rumor mongers and the rest including people I don't know to enact this fraud overall.

You have no probable cause to observe or witness me or to accept my identification even, doing that conspires and conflicts you with the child rapes and murders.

You have no jurisdiction other than to arrest you and you dont need me to do that.

Even casual relations with anyone in the USA is now theft since you have stolen so much money, time and property and I am at this point still homeless and in your informal witness protection system that I am supposed to pay for.

These are YOUR expenses and this should have been resolved in a timely fashion 20 years ago or more.

This is now all collusion for you and all parties including anyone contacting me electronically, by telephone, or selling me food or clothing which conflicts them in your homicides and hate.