How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

My Witness Of Discussions Post 1981 Knife Attack In The Hospital ER.

Events Just After The 1981 Knife Attack

Here is a summary of events and dialog just following my being attacked and my left arm vivisected at the corner of Young and McChesney streets in Wilson NY 14172 USA.

I now learn I was pulled from my car, a white 1972 Pontiac Luxury LeMans, asked by Police and Fire Rescue people from Wilson Fire Company to sit in the ambulance following the attack, and my left arm was then sliced open by making two overlapping cuts in the back of the tricep with a scalpel, and then the ulnar nerve was severed by cutting it against the bone with the knife. I passed out at that point but sat there while the person attempted to carve into my arm. He indicated he had to do this or they may kill us both. Police, Niagara County Sheriff, and others were on the scene.

This was a planned event and Doug Golde Jr and Thomas G Palisano Jr led me that way home.

My other friend now Dr. Laurence E. Fried at Livermore Labs in Livermore, CA USA visited me later, his mother Delores Fried was the head nurse at Inter Community Memorial Hospital in Newfane NY 14108 USA.

I initially awoke that evening and was greeted by a nurse and I did not know how I came to be there. The nurse said she is going to draw blood. My mother arrived later and told me I had a car accident. I did not recall it.

I was sedated and left to sleep and woke the next morning and was greeted by Dr. John F. Argue, now deceased, he practiced medicine in Wilson NY. I realized that my left hand did not work now and I asked him as to what had happened.

Argue acted very oddly and repeated my question to me, saying what happened? You tell me what happened?

I said I don't know, I don't remember it.

He said you don't know?

I said NO!

He said well in that case you had a car accident.

Following that he made some other odd commentary about how they are going to clean that up for me and mentioned baptism in the process. Odd really. It made no sense to me.

This tells me that this Church is involved in this crime and he is being used as part of the attack.

Lutherans never divested themselves from that attack and the story in the Lockport Union Sun Journal indicated "Early Morning Church Arrival" and claimed I crashed that car into their Church. It never happened.

Delores Fried came to visit me after Argue left and she demanded to see the arm. I showed her, and she did this UH HUH!!! thing and stormed out of the room yelling at someone down the hall.

Her son Larry came in later to visit, he is the ONLY person to visit me, no family, or other friends for the few days I was in there. Larry made the comment, Cut thrice, measure once. Might want to consider some cosmetic surgery.

He knew this was a knife wound and I did not.

Located a news article where a former High School friend of mine was married. Dr. Laurence Fried and his new wife Sheri Southworth are shown here in the article I was able to find about them. Not sure why they wore gloves, maybe they had a friend to murder as part of the ceremony. Hard to say.

Dr. Laurence E. Fried now works at LLNL. Since his mother worked at the hospital where I was admitted in summer 1981 as the head nurse, I have to blame them for this also. Larry's wife Sheri L. Southworth commented when I visited them in Livermore CA at their home at 1386 Kathy Court how I was not to get my hopes up since she "Burned" the garlic bread and asked Larry later to show me where the laundry is. Meaning basically Helpee Selfee. They were very callous to the harm caused me and for those who would be friends. This is also looking like a form of non compete arrangement where you have families attack other kids to help their kids get ahead. As is done in the Texas Cheerleader case and with the skaters etc.

You can use this online tool to locate scans of our local papers:

Here is the link to the PDF file for that page of the paper with their wedding information.

I did the search using a boolean -- "laurence" and "fried' and "southworth"