How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

IBM Offers 500 Wack Jobs In Buffalo NY

Funny how these people like to claim that IBM is creating 500 jobs in Buffalo NY. If you read it carefully they are offering UP TO 500 jobs and that can mean one or none.

You WILL NEVER see IBM doing anything in Buffalo NY for many reasons. First of all you can't hire a bunch of pick and shovel idiots there to do anything, IBM will need people with actual skills, and they would be doing any real human being a disservice by keeping or moving employees to western NY state in total.

There is no housing there to speak of, rental markets and home ownership markets are in total a slum. Local government and law including police are completely useless, medical care is derelict and useless and the list goes on. No rational thinking person would put an office in any of those decrepit and dingy buildings they are considering, nor would they want to live and work in this area.

Hotels are overpriced, offer less for the money than on average nationally, go for as much as $70/night even for value brands like Motel 6. Managers fail to honor reservations, overcharge guests on rooms already paid for asking those staying over holidays to pay an additional $100 on a room already booked and paid past the holiday. And so.

You try going to the Buffalo airport and take a taxi and you are quickly learning how appalled you can be.

Taxis are decrepit, driven by lunatics, leaking gasoline, interiors and seats and door panels are caked with engine grease and other filth and grime since they seem to transport you as well as used engine blocks and transmissions and other sundry car parts.

Everyone there treats you like some kind of second class citizen, etc. Odd.

Firemen (mostly volunteers) and local judges and others assist in hate crimes, harms to children, arson of homes, and the rest.

Do you really want to live there? I'd say not.


Who are these people kidding with this? This is a fraud in total.

Nobody wants to do business in Buffalo and I don't think it really is legally possible.

Duncan Ross worked for a company located on Grand Island NY called Moore Business Forms doing IT computer work in the early 1990's.

I talked to Duncan about what his position was like and how it was to work there and he recommended I submit a resume which I did, since I felt that CEDAR and SUNY Buffalo had no future. This was summer of 1993 or so.

I was invited to interview with their director of Software Engineering named Jim, and the day of my interview I spoke to Duncan briefly on the way in, and then I met with Jim for a few minutes who invited me to lunch making the comment this is personal.

We went to lunch at a restaurant on Grand Island and Jim seemed pensive and ill at ease. I was also since interviews can be a pain in the neck many times. Jim went on to say he did this for a reason since this is personal for him as well as myself. Saying I don't think I can hire you I think you are actually stateless. Moore does government printing.

To which I said I was not aware of this.

He also mentioned there are problems here and some of this is about you personally to which I repeated, I also was not aware of that.

Jim said this is what I was afraid of.

And he went on to indicate he felt I might be in danger. And I said ok you have my attention now.

I said there are some things here that do not make sense and he said ok, you need to be aware of that and what I am about to tell you and that part you need to keep to yourself.

Jim then said this is about local government and he went on to say how he and others at Moore are no longer comfortable brining people into Western NY to work for these reasons AND they likely will be leaving the area the concerns are that bad.

I thanked him for being candid with me and he was genuinely concerned and maybe could have said more but at least he said something.

Point again being was that Duncan Ross knew I had been harmed this way.

This along with the recent efforts of Spitzer and now Andrew Cuomo as well as the continued media frauds supporting this kind of criminality, their refusal to speak against this and prosecute it is support of it, that says there is no want for NY State to get better.

Instead Cuomo and NY and their partner's in crime hope to snow you and the younger generation on marketing this slum of a State and the derelict western NY counties as some kind of safe place to work, do business, and live and raise families.

Nothing could be further from the truth and they just hope to lie, rape, murder and steal their way out of their current mess.

It won't work.

NY's posture is as it always has been, cover it all up and remove those who'd witness against it and install those sympathetic to marketing their toxic assets to the young and naive.

Local media including WIVB is leading the snake oil blitz on you and your kids.

Problem is NY State is out of business...

They are hoping to lie, cheat, steal, and murder their way out of debt and the worthless toxic wasteland they made that used to be a real estate market.