How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

How Local Heroes Murder Children.

Wilson NY 14172 USA Judge William Ganshaw

Given the fact these knife wounds were made in the Wilson NY Ambulance, here is how my newer next door neighbor and local fireman and hero, Joe Kania helped to murder me.

The other problem is that the methods used to harm and murder me indicated a lot of expertise and as my attorney said, the bullet was constructed from multiple sources and was focused on you. This means as he said it was made of many parts and more than one person was involved and this was done to dissipate blame and to ensure I died and it looked to be an accident. In case the initial event of poisoning me failed, the other efforts that Joe Kania witnessed as I called him for help from next door and had some kind of chemical reaction going on in my lungs from the poison gas in the garage, were designed to finish me off. Joe came over and saw me all but die there and then left and went home leaving me to stumble around in the other traps made for me there. Joe Kania is Town of Pendleton board member, NY State Insurance Fund employee, and member of the Wendelville Fire Company:

I consider people like Joe Kania, my former spouse Heike Helga Jones, and the medical people and others involved in this to be worse than complete frauds. If you only serve the public to murder them even molest them as kids and murder them as adults then you better do something else for a living.

It seems that for the police and firemen it is not the people who matter but they are just more concerned about the buildings they save. Liar liar pants on fire!

Joe is listed here as member number 44:

Kanias lived at 6168 Campbell Blvd just to the north side of us:

Joe came over to "Help" cover up the murder when I asked him to help me. He stood and witnessed the result of the poisoning and the fact it caused some kind of toxic reaction in my lungs and he stood there and admitted he saw it since I almost collapsed from it. You could smell the sweet stink of the poison gas and see the vapor come from my lungs just before I all but hit the floor of my garage. Joe nodded he saw this with approval and then went home and left me to die there.

This was done intentionally. This smells like retaliation for a hit and run that never happened for someone else's want to hit me with a car and blame me for it. This was all fabricated and this was a murder in progress. Again the police and firemen are involved since they made the attack in 1981 happen just 20 miles north of there.

The scene of the murder summer 2003:

The scene of the lynching in summer 1981:

Comments and jokes that help incriminate Joe beyond his overt acts:

Joe made quips of the ilk:

Arsenic and old lace.

Widows and orphans club.

Pat Kania his wife celebrating the violent harm Heike had done to me Summer 2003 with "You got nailed."

Heroes these people are not.

Done to me in front of my wife at our home at 6178 Campbell Blvd. Joe is an active part of this plan to ensure my demise.

And recall Joe worked for the NYS Insurance Fund:

And this also explains why I never got anywhere with my claims for Workers Compensation or Unemployment there.

They prefer to murder you rather than pay you, simple as that.

Joe likely worked at Oak Street in Buffalo but as a coincidence he said he'd be working in Rochester about the same time I'd be getting murdered/divorced and end up moving there not to work:

So that makes me ask, who did this?

Problem here is you went for the jugular and missed.

The problem for Joe Kania is he participated in the efforts to harm me by holding up his hand to stop me from leaving the garage, telling me to stand in there longer and then once that failed to work, had me step outside for him to tell me he is going back home.

American Paradigms:

It occurs to me at this point the two following points of fact make this what it is. Given the fact we are told we live in a civilized nation with the rule of law, and that is offered for protection of innocents and children in the USA from harm.

With the notion which most would agree upon, that Americans pride themselves in, that being they are better than other nations in regard to health care, human rights, technology, the arts, and education and law as well as freedom of the individual, I have to offer the following.

Given I've had witness and proof of over 100 violent and sexual felonies done to my person, property, and finances in the USA since the early 1960s that involved harms to my sister and I as children, the fact my father participated in and committed multiple acts of murder and arson, as well as other frauds including efforts by State to support more murder, to defend more murder, being efforts to euthanize me to remove my witness, the following two concepts make this what it is.

1) Fox Hunt - With the fact this of course began with child harms done to me and many are done with knowledge and participation by State and medical doctors and other acts including torture, burning me with cigars and cigarettes as a child, mocking me by giving me a smoking jacket during that session, harming me and taking photos, engaging in military paradigms in the want to change my sex and draft me in the US Army as a child, attempts to throw me from a moving train, drown me while boating, carve me apart with broken glass, use medical doctors to periodically lop off parts of my body, have people follow me around and attempt to hit me with cars as I biked or walked. This ends up looking like some arrogant want to toss a bunch of naked children into the wild and summon the hunt to have the elite and upper crust of the nation snipe at us for sport in your want to be "Big Game Hunters". This analogue is perfect and correct and accurate. This IS blood sport. Sound the horns and grab your shotguns, the hunt is on...

2) Ethiopia Affair - When others such as myself offer this is not apropos beyond the acts of sodomy done to me in the church basement with fitting quotes from Leviticus, we are told we are not that important, my father claims nobody cares about me, and we just allow this to go on even though it is needless since there are people worse off, say those starving over in Africa. I can offer when someone rapes your face with a running chainsaw then we can compare pain on that to the pain of your friends who will already be dead....

Beyond the State's direct participation in this along with military and Police assets to enact it, including efforts at vehicular homicides on the Interstate using deer and other cars, tractor trailers, and the like, these two additional features reset the lowest of the low to a point beyond simple felonies done to people to a level I did not expect from the USA, but to one I did not deem is possible. This is more than possible, this is fact.

Sorry to say it is all that and more.

Did you have something funny to say to me now?

There are some common features that are thematic and they are present throughout this and repeat. Vanity features and mocks on Royalty, Child Harms, Euthanasia, Social Services and Law, Youth Hostels, Hotels, Native Peoples, and the like.

Those features are also incriminating and omnipresent in this horror show.