How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Hot Hand Sandwich -- My Father Burns My Right Hand To The Bone On The Kitchen Stove When I Was 3.

Terry Allen Jones Uses Butter Knife To Check Electric Outlet For Power As A Child

Hot Hand Sandwich:

This event happened in the kitchen at my parent's home at 233 Washington Street Wilson New York 14172 USA when I was a small boy.

The photo is likely done later with me wearing my new starched short sleeve dress shirt and as instructed I am inserting a metal butter knife into the hot side of an electric outlet.

More Photo-Ops. They seem related.

When I was close to three, maybe late twos, hard to know, I could barely reach the kitchen stove, but I was fascinated by the fact it was glowing bright red. I pointed at it asking my father what it was?

He was angry for some reason, as always, and he grabbed my hand and shoved it onto the red hot electric burner and scorched the hand and fingers to the bone. And he would not relent or let me go, he kept holding my hand onto the hot metal spiral with my hand smoking hot burning flesh into the air.

Eventually as I struggled since he had my hand held so hard I grabbed the back of the stove and yanked the stove towards him and his forearm onto the burner moving my hand out of the way.

This ended the event and I ran for cover as he had to lick his wounds.

Ross Perot seems to have flexed his General Motors connections and made a verbal trip on this problem when he had the foolish ideas of running for POTUS. I sat in my parent's living room as he made this foible and there was what I think was a political analyst who picked up on it right away.

He chastised Perot for it since it was about this problem.

And looks to be more efforts to blame me for this.