How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Homeless America

The tactic is that State denies service and victimizes victims anew, forces and compels them unto Jesuit Charities in order to compel someone else to pay for State and to deny service overall to victims.

All in all since Jesuit faith is a fraud in total, State ends up disestablishing itself in order not to be a State.

The Nationwide Great American All Are Homeless Shelter Show.

At this late date State would need to concede and make to me:

1) State's Defeat & Self-Incrimination.

2) Immunity.

3) Statelessness.

4) Formal Apologies.

5) Pay Punitive Claims.

Unless you hoped to resort to one last "My dog ate my homework" solution?

Blame it on GOD (Read it backwards).

A perpetuity or consol is in order:

This will remain forever a debt to me.