How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Holy Mayhem

I'd just add that I am under no obligation to be faithful to any God nor did I waive any legal right to be protected under the law for my faith or lack thereof. I am a citizen of the US and have a right to live here and to be protected by the State against criminal harm. That ends it.

We went down that road, or the police and church did, and it is another attempt to provide motive by offering justification for the crimes. And to compel a relationship with more of my attackers, namely Jesuits.

This is why you can't wed church and state, can you see that?

What was used on me and it went as far as me being killed and cut like this, then made homeless, that was compelled and engineered by the way since I made that very very very hard to do, I plan my life, and then I was told NOT that I am a victim of crime, with knife wounds and head trauma like this? No way, so the law says you are not a victim and used the Church to say just this: "God's Holy and mighty sword is upon you." So the law justified their crimes by blessing it legally and the Church did the same thing by calling it an act of God. It is not, it is violent crime.

The other point I'd make about family and faux friends is that they know too much about me. They know nothing about the important things such as the knife wounds, but they seem to know far too much about my private life, banking information and account numbers, balances, and things like that which are conveyed to me generally as some form of threat and/or put down in subtle and vague ways. It comes back to the lack of candor and the coy evasive and misleading dialog that went on with father, mother, sister, brother in law, faux friends, former spouse, and employers.

All who will rely on the defense of audacity and the defense of repetition and the defense of the subtle and covert things ongoing. In that they will stonewall on the obvious, trite I know, knife in the back, and then assassinate my character with the invasion of my privacy and the other interloping that goes on. And their vague and threatening and misleading double speak towards that end gets you there so they think. Simply put they lied to me after harming me violently and then are behind my back on it all and the State is in it up to their eyeballs too.

They have no deniability and neither do the Police or the State. They are cognizant of their guilt and this is why the law will not act.

And for all the invasions of privacy, the intelligence gathering, the real time communications and soap opera that the state and Police enter into, it does you or me or them not one damn bit of good and it puts you and me and them in places they don't need to be and you and me and them at risk. There is no merit to any of this. Lunacy and fruit cakes with guns, badges, and all your personal information.

That and the police and Srihari and others wife included, bragged about the child abuse at work/SUNY CEDAR. One needs to take care what harm one celebrates and where the ethical side of the knife is at and how far you are willing to go to prove who you are to others.

For me it finally came down to the Church being at fault and on board with this since I was born and harmed then. Finally Jim Phillips at our church pointed this out saying basically we should have said something this is our fault and it is embarassing. This is just it, why torment me for decades inside and outside the church as you did for the violent and disgusting things you did to me as an adult and child. You should have stopped me at the door and said "We can't have you here" instead of waiting till you attempted to murder me again. The church did this, they are part of this murder for certain.

And they would use this as a kosmic interlock, airlock, or baffle and claim that since we went to Church later in life and I learned the truth there that meant I was ok with all of it and since I was ok with it all then they can murder me again with it and get away with it. I don't feel that this is legal let alone moral or ethical. It is a load of crap in reality that someone would suggest you'd do this to your kids and then carve them up when they are 20 for it. Good luck with the ice cream socials on this one.

This never stopped them from breaking the law and harming me again. So forgiving you never worked either and your excuse there is that you lied to me about it. Great logic that.

My wife was the same way. She decided she would pretend to be and act perfect and cull for me to make the first mistake and use this as the point to drive in the wedge that would ruin the relationship that never was for her. She assumed that finding or making me make the first mistake would allow her to retaliate forever based on that and this would be used as leverage to ruin the whole thing. It was just that simple and binary for her. So she thought. There was no forgiveness in this person and this was a quest to invent fault in me so she could be right and make me wrong.

This is how these people think and run their lives. Insanity. It is as I said in my website:

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They build a shrine to harming you and martyr themselves on their self inflicted and outwardly directed harm at you.

There must be a script here to do this. And by that this is a fabricated relationship since they act to harm you and make it the soap opera that it is. There must be a script and they act not in a candid fashion to interact with you, and others in your world(s). This also indicated to me premeditation of harm and conspiracy to harm by using techniques and the witness and direction of others.

The problem with all of this is that I was able to get past this but none of you did. You felt compelled to use it against me and to harm me to keep me from looking back and remembering and telling others. And you were very good at it and used your experts to do just that.

And even for my parents I would have fixed that for them, and I'd be the ONLY person in the world who could do that, but you and they would not allow it AND you let it go on too far and you caused too much harm. You attempted to take my life because of it and used my wife to harm me for this. I blame you NOW and this was NOT always the case. Now I do. Heike knew more of this than I did and that does NOT speak well on her behalf either or for her credibility. You again marry people who were never married so you can call me a bad husband. I was a fool and a sap with a wallet, a miserable mess in the past you made and then you wanted to have a divorce and fix it all. The Church did this and so did NY State and The US of A.

We had some hanky panky here also:

Their website does a poor job of telling me how to get there to "Worship" their dollars...

Some of us are too quick to forgive and too slow to make things right.

They got away with this by bullying my parents, church and state and harmed me with their guilt and used that to tell them to put up and shut up.

Some of us are too quick to forgive and too slow to make things right.

I was told when I was 5 that I had flat feet and I could not be drafted, I think the doctors did that since they knew I'd be killed to protect my pedophile father if I was placed in the Military here. It happened anyway.

Dr. Argue of Wilson NY our family doctor said this to me during a school physical at Thomas Marks Elementary. They said too much too early.

Later they humiliated me when I was a bit older, maybe 6, by having me go to the local food store to get my draft notice they made a joke on me, and my family and father took part telling me I was drafted, I was scared to death. Dad later admitted they treated you like the village idiot, thanks to him I'd add and the other pedophile priests.